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  by doepack
Split off from the "Wish list" thread...

Speaking of the short-lived Lake County limited, I originally believed that the Walworth depot had been demolished within a year or two after the last RTA commuter train left town in 1982, which is why the LCL never stopped there. Or so I thought. But then, a few years ago, I heard that the station building was actually alive and well; and a trip to Walworth in the summer of '05 confirmed this to be the case. The building seemed to be in decent shape, and was obviously in use by someone or something, but I never really found out specifics. Anyone else have additional info about what the old Walworth depot is being used for these days? Thx...
  by Prairiefire
Seems like the adjacent warehouse is using it for storage. I had a chance to look in the windows late last fall and it was full of boxes. No furniture.

Not sure if WSOR or some other entity owns it. You could check a recent Walworth County plat book or call up somebody in building and zoning at Walworth County.

The exterior still looks to be in decent shape, and I took pictures of it, which I could upload if anyone is interested. The tracks, on the other hand, could stand some improvement (old bolted rail, looking a little wavy). WSOR has not reached this area as of yet with its track improvements.