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  by Jeff Smith
That actually raises an interesting question: what are they using for electrification? Will boarding be low or high? My assumptions would be catenary and low boarding.

As for the RoW separation, I still think if they just single-track through the tunnel under the cemetery, they'll be fine.
  by daybeers
Light rail has far too low capacity for this project.
  by lensovet
Technically the final mode hasn't been chosen, but it appears that the options in the running are low boarding LRV or BRT. Presumably overhead wiring.

Thus the complaints about low vehicular capacity and infrequent headways.
  by Jeff Smith
Street-running v. Cut-and-cover tunnel: Streetsblog.org
MTA Plan to Run Brooklyn-Queens Train on City Streets a ‘Grave’ Mistake: Advocates

A 515-foot tunnel beneath All Faiths Cemetery would slightly increase the cost of the project in exchange for "enormous" service benefits, a new report argues.

The MTA risks squandering the potential of the proposed Brooklyn-Queens Interborough Express light rail line if the agency runs part of the route on city streets instead of building a short tunnel under a Middle Village cemetery, argues a new report.

The current plan for the IBX light rail to emerge from its underground right-of-way near the boneyard and run on surface streets makes the train "far more vulnerable" to traffic delays than even existing bus routes in the area, the advocacy group Effective Transit Alliance said.

A 515-foot tunnel beneath All Faiths Cemetery, meanwhile, would increase the cost of the project "only slightly" in exchange for "enormous" service benefits, ETA said.