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Don't get excited! It's not through Banff & the Rockies! But on a section of CP in Ontario that hasn't seen VIA service in 15 years.

CP & CN will implement directional running from south of Parry Sound to near Sudbury, Ontario. Westbound on CP and eastbound on CN. (approx. 100 miles)

The Canadian in not mentioned specifically but will probably "go with the flow" as it now does in BC since directional running began there about 5 years ago along the Fraser and Thompson River Canyons.

It will probably require a new station in Parry Sound for the W/B train. The current station is on CN and would be used by E/B trains. The connection is near South Perry.

http://www.cn.ca/news/newsreleases/2004 ... 1116.shtml

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That would be cool