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  • Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.
Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by lensovet
No, 1M was prior to COVID. I don't even know what the covid numbers are.

The numbers won't be there tomorrow either because of where the airport is. How many people live within a reasonable distance of the airport such that taking public transit, even with perfect connections, would be viable? Foresight is good but the payback period can't be measured in centuries.
  by Tom V
The line is on the North side of the airport, to have it serve the terminal directly would be a long detour for a rail line that need to shorten its trip times. Also as mentioned who would use the train? The customer demographic for the airport is South Jersey suburbs.

It’s too far from Center City Philadelphia to attract business or tourists. ACY only has Spirit airlines, PHL has much larger Spirit airlines Operation. It also has other Low Cost carriers like Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest etc..

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  by JohnFromJersey
The appeal of Atlantic City International Airport is that it's isolated. It's not near any urban centers like PHL, EWR, JFK, etc. so going in and out is pretty easy. Newark Aiport is much closer to me, however, getting to Newark is a pain due to all the non-airport traffic to get there, plus the airport itself is far too congested to make getting in and out easy. I've used both airports before, and even including the drive to and from said airports, AC was always a faster trip overall.

I've never used PHL. If it's anything like EWR, I'd imagine a potential rail connection would expose more people to AC who would be willing to travel a bit further to an airport to spend less time waiting inside and outside it. However it doesn't sound like it's congested like the NYC area airports, so I guess an "overflow" airport like AC wouldn't be needed as much.

I'd imagine in a hypothetical scenario, if the entire Southern Division north of Winslow Junction was an active NJT route, you would probably have a lot of people from the Central/Southern Jersey population centers (Freehold, Lakewood, Toms River, etc.) take a train to the airport. However, that is not the case and probably never will be for the foreseeable future.

There have been talks to have some sort of industrial/research/office park (NextGen Technical Park and I think another one) near the airport that would attract people to use the airport, and perhaps even the railroad.
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