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  by thebigham
The B&P has delivered approx. 20 cars to the A&A this week.

Business is good this January!
  by Benjamin Maggi
That is excellent news!
  by joesbag
How has both the freight and passenger business been this summer? Are they getting cars from the B&P 1 or 2 times per week?
  by thebigham
^The A&A got 10+ cars from the B&P the other day. A pic was posted to the A&A Facebook group.

I do not know anything about how the passenger train is doing.
  by joesbag
Thanks for the news bigham.
  by thebigham
2017 is starting off well for the A&A.

The B&P dropped off 15/16 cars last week. One load was lumber.
  by Benjamin Maggi
I have never seen a load of lumber in one of their trains. Nice catch!
  by tjflynn
The last time I checked, the lumber was unloaded on the main line, under the Hwy. 39 overpass near the interchange. A forklift unloads a little from each side until the car is empty. The lumber is then trucked to the lumberyard.
  by joesbag
Correct me if I'm wrong but the lumber dealer is located in Yorkshire (?)
  by thebigham
The B&P dropped off 12 cars for the A&A this week.

Two were lumber cars which were unloaded under the Rt 39 bridge at the B&P interchange.

Sixt Lumber in Yorkshire/Chaffee.

If they get boxcars, they are unloaded at the Arcade wye,
  by thebigham
From a rainy October 21:

http://photos.greatrails.net/s/?p=229833" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The 80-tonner returns to Arcade this morning with 7 empties in a steady rain after an early morning run to North Java.

#112 had just finished switching around coaches for a 1pm passenger train with #18 today.