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  by jgallaway81
Alright, its been a long time since an update. Granted, you probably won't find one yet.

That's because I've been working on the back-end of the site, giving a bit more stable interface. It also allowed me to add in an image gallery system: http://www.anarr.com/images.php

Now, I haven't perfected it yet, there is a problem with the captcha system for user registration, I can't get the code to display. However, I can manually add users.

I'd love for others to add their photos... pat, your picture of 18 with the freight, anyone else, this is your chance to get your pictures viewed & enjoyed by the masses.

I uploaded a 1024*768 image, but in fairness to those worried about people grabbing their images, I'm fine if you just want to upload a 640*480 image and allow others to contact you about purchasing full size images.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me my profile here.
  by jgallaway81
Okay, my hosting service found the problem... an issue with the php4->5 upgrade. Backtracked to v4 and everything works.

If anyone has any ideas on what else could be cataloged, let me know, this site is as much for all A&A railfans, as much as for me.
  by Benjamin Maggi
I would love to see more pictures of stuff from the late sixties to early seventies. Things like the two-color scheme coaches, the color of the stations and when they went from gray to orange (were they anything before gray?), and maybe a listing of times when on-line industries operated and the types of cars they used. That would be useful, because now all that remains is rusty rails and little else. Very sad.
  by jgallaway81
The Equipment -> Steam Locomotives section of the A&A Archives has been updated with further info on the A&A steam engines. Clicking on the Reporting Mark (ARA) or the road number will bring up a new page with additional information on the engine.

Because of limited info that I have, the BA&A and A&F engines won't be 'linked' but the TV&C ones will eventually.

Eventually the specific pages for each engine will also include one or two pictures.
  by jgallaway81
As an update, I've finished the History -> T.V. & C. section as well.


As an unrelated aside, the gallery is offline for the time being... it wasn't very stable, and somehow all the pics I did upload got erased as did all the login info I had.
  by jgallaway81
Well, after all my efforts regarding accessing info on the Cuban engines has hit the "wait and see what happens" stage, I decided it was high-time to do some work on the archives site.

So: the Library -> Video -------> is done... the links to Jerry's old site don't work because AOL closed down the Hometown servers and as far as I know, Erie Valley doesn't exist anymore, though I will be contacting his family to see if they are still selling the discs.

Library -> Books ------->
Library -> Magazines -------> Both of these are in progress. Neither has the full menu&header details added, but some data is now available.
  by jgallaway81
Library -> Books -------> It is now done.

After adding everything I knew of, including a couple Pat mentioned, I decided I'm going to need another category.

Right now, the books are divided into two categories: Dedicated, and sectional. The sectional books have a dedicated section regarding the history of the railroad.

A third category will be "Mentions". In this section the books referenced will only have one or two small pics and captions, or a passing reference. The "Rail Power" book will be moved into this category as its only reference to the A&A is a pic of 112 at the interchange in her A&A colors.

Please, check out the page and then cross-reference with what you have/know exists and let me know what else needs to be added: http://www.anarr.com/library/library.books.php
  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks Jason! This might be pushing the limit of reasonableness, but do you want to know some magazines the A&A has been featured in? I don't mean just a random photo (but I think I have some of them too), but also articles? I have a small list that I know about that I can email you.

Also, I have a copy of the 1st Edition-orange cover Ed Lewis book. If you want, I can scan it. Also, here is a link to the white cover version if you want to lift the picture.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... K:MEWAX:IT
  by jgallaway81
You know the bad thing about saying a web project is done? Its that it just invites you to find something wrong with it!

I had forgotten the list of books that Pat had mentioned in the other thread, as well as another book I have, all of which have been added. I've manged to find pictures of every cover for these books. Now, just because I say the page is done, doesn't mean I don't want more books... it just means that for the time being, I know of no others to add. If ANYONE finds a book to add, PLEASE let me know.

Ben: after I finish cleaning up the code for the books segment, I'm gonna start in on magazines. Feel free to PM me the list of ones you know of, I'll add it in.