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  by Allan
Since OMNY has its own thread, it is only fair that TAPP has its own as well.

TAPP Is the acronym for Total Access PATH Payment (someone must have been paid big bucks to come up with that). This is the name that PATH has given its new contactless payment program.
Like OMNY, TAPP will accept debit & credit and smart devices. Like OMNY the devices can be registered and rides tracked. The introduction of the TAPP card has yet to be announced.

The website with information is

PATH is having some issues getting that link working so you might want to start here:

At this point they have converted only 5 turnstiles as part of the initial pilot program:
2 turnstiles at the 30th St entrance of the 33rd St/6th Av station in Manhattan
3 turnstiles at the Journal Square station

They will continue to convert more and December continues and by January 2024 the majority of stations will have turnstiles that will be TAPP.

The TAPP enbled turnstiles will not accept the SmartLink card or MetroCards.

I know some will ask - why won't it accept the SmartLink card. The SmartLink system is based on the purchase of a specific amount of rides rather than a cash value. If someone wanted to get 2 rides they would put $5.50. The PATH Vending machine (which is a slightly modified MetreoCard Vending Machine) would not accept the attempt of someone wanting to put $10 on the card (it would give back $4.50 in change). A discount is given for the purchase of 10, 20 or 40 rides (Regular fare $2.75, discounted fare $2.60. Each use results in the deduction of a ride rather than a reduction of monetary value. Unlimited passes would just show that the card has a time frame/expiration date for the pass to be used.

PATH states it will give people advance notice when they complete a total conversion so that any rides left of the SmartLink card can be used. I think I still have a ride or two left on my Smartlink card so I'd better use it.

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  by lensovet
Still can't believe that these readers which look identical to OMNY except for the logo won't take OMNY. Only in America.

A small correction on the timeline. January 2024 is when the pilot expands, and not to all stations, but just to the New Jersey ones. Uptown Tube stations will be the last to have installations.
  by Allan
It was reported today in ammetroNewYork, that PATH has installed TAPP enabled turnstiles in all 13 of its stations. At the present time 1/3 of PATH turnstiles across the system are for TAPP, the rest remain SmartLink and MetroCard. There is no timetable for the conversion of the remaining turnstiles nor for the introduction of TAPP Vending Machines and the TAPP Card.

https://www.amny.com/transit/tapp-conta ... all-stops/