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  by scottychaos
Ok, I just had to go and do it! :wink:
(yes, its a sickness.. :wink: )

Following the "preserved New York Central Locomotives" thread:
I want to compile a list of all known NYC, PRR and PC locomotives.

the basic page has been started:


Each loco will be listed under which railroad owned it *first*..
for example, a loco bought new by NYC, that also later went to PC, will be listed under NYC only and not duplicated under the PC listing..same for PRR locos...So far I havent located any survivors that were bought new by PC, but im sure they are out there..

Using various threads and lists, I have compiled the following list..please take a look and add new locos you know about, or corrections..
I havent added all the detail on this list that will be on the webpage, because that detail already exists on the source lists..
(such as later owners/numbers etc.)


(updated list:)
http://gold.mylargescale.com/Scottychao ... /index.htm
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  by PRRGuy
Ok, I also started a list of PRR Locomotives...I'll just give you what I have so far..

St Lawrence & Atlantic RR SW-1 41 ex PRR 9150

Indiana NorthEastern RR GP-30 2230 Ex PRR 2230

Display at Horseshoe Curve (PA) GP-9 7048

MetroNorth GP-35r 102 ex PRR 2271
103 ex 2310
104 ex 2350
106 ex 2274

New Hope & Ivyland

GP-30 2198 ex Prr 2250
SW-1 9423 ex Prr 9423

Florida Gulf Coast Museum RS-3m ex PRR 8604 Amtk 114/ PC 5404

Houstonic RR

GP-35 ex PRR 2309 3600
2312 3601
2254 3602
2336 3603
2314 3604

  by PRRGuy
SW-1200 ex PRR 7900 Lancaster & Chester RR 93 EMD # 24132
7913 Lancaster & Chester RR 97 24145

7917 Lancaster & Chester RR 94 24149
7927 Lancaster & Chester RR 98 24159

GP-7 (8) ex PRR 8574 (GP-8) Belvidare & Delaware River RR 1854 EMD #18653

This is the only GP7 I've been able to find so far..

Alco T-6 ex Prr 8424 Arkansas & Missouri RR 17
8429 Arkansas & Missouri RR 15

Albany Port RR SW-9 #12 Ex PRR 8522 16733 4170-10
* #13 8531 16736 4170-13

Buckeye Central Scenic RR SW-1 5999

GG1 List

4800 RR Museum of PA (Strasburg, PA)
4859 RR Museum of PA (Harrisburg, PA)
4876 B&O Museum (Baltimore, MD)
4877 URHS-NJ (Hoboken,NJ)
4879 URHS-NJ (Storage, ?)
4882 New York Central Museum ( Elkhart, IN)
4890 National Railroad Museum(Green Bay, WI)
4903 Age of Steam Museum (Dallas, TX)
4909 Leatherstocking Railway Museum ( Cooperstown Jct, NJ)
4913 Railroaders Memorial Museum (Altoona, PA)
4917 Leatherstocking Railway Museum (Cooperstown Jct, NJ)
4918 Museum of Transportation (St Louis, MO)
4919 Virginia Museum of Transportation (Roanoke, VA)
4927 Illinois Railway Museum (Union, IL)
4933 New York State Fairgrounds ( Syracuse, NY)
4935 RR Museum of PA (Strasburg, PA)

  by PRRGuy
Railrhodes Collection Monroe, GA

GP-35 2255 2255

Rail Tours Inc

GP-9(10) ex PRR 7128 7580 23328 5541-24

Quebec Gatineau Railway Incorporated

GP-35 (38) ex PRR 2363 2006

Also, I believe that New Jersey (NRHS?) Group also owns PRR GP-9 # 7000

Hope this gives you a healthy jump-start on the PRR side of the list..

  by tocfan
There are 2 more E8's in Nashville at the Tennessee Central one is ex-NYC and one is ex-Pennsy, Both are in Broadway Dinner Train paint and I don't know their original road numbers. There is also a Pennsy E8 on display outside of Birmingham on Us rte 78 Tuscan 5 stripe but dont remember the number of that one either.

Mike Fleming
Bartlett, Tn.
  by H.F.Malone
NYC 100 (S-motor) is at Glenmont, NY with the 278 T-motor. It's about 10 mi south of Albany.

  by glennk419
PRR 7000 (GP9) restored to as delivered livery and in service on CMSL - Tuckahoe, NJ

  by traingeek8223
NYC RS32 8031- Arkasas & Missouri 30

NYC 8652 S4-Toledo & Lake Erie 9752 Still around?

PRR 7249 GP9- Adirondack Scenic 6076

NYC 8220 does not exist

The lake state railway's C425's are all ex PRR, But i'm not sure on the numbers.

PRR 8479 RS3- abandonded on a siding in Penn.

The Railroad Museam of New England owns a PRR RS3 that they use for parts. Not sure of the number, but it's amtrack # was 140
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