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  by PRRGuy
I don't remember about the PRR info, it's been awhile since I posted that.

Here's a couple more for you.

IBCX 88 (SW7)- NYC 8853

ILSX 1371-SW1- Ex PRR 9128

  by Shark
There is an SW1, TCCA 735, that works at Bridgewater Transfer facilty in Bridgewater, NJ. The TCCA 735 was built for the NYC.

  by PRRGuy
That's a mighty fine looking baldwin!
  by Matt Langworthy
From the latest issue of Railpace, NYS&W has recently acquired 5 former PC GP38-2s:

CSXT #2725 > CR #8065 > nee PC #8065
CSXT #2732 > CR #8087 > nee PC #8087
NS #5273 > CR #8063 > nee PC #8063
NS #5293 > CR #8097 > nee PC #8097
NS #5294 > CR #8099 > nee PC #8099

  by uhaul
You mean NYSW actually acquired some of those GP38-2! Wow, miss a week miss alot. Those units must have been pricy.

I type in Brown because I can.
  by trainspot
I believe they were leased, not purchased.

  by uhaul
That is what I thought. Well I have heard it called Rumor Pace recently, but maybe this is one of those rumors with truthiness in it.

I type in Brown because I can.
  by Matt Langworthy
Actually, the mistake is mine, not Railpace's, so please accept my apology. I assumed received meant acquired, when they are not the same. An NS message board reports the units are leased to Suzie-Q.

At any rate, it's nice to know some of PC's loco fleet is still active.

  by PRRGuy
I was going thru my own photos today so I started to track down the locomotive histories.

Here are some ex PRR/NYC/PC locomotives that I have listed.

PC 7555 Ex New Haven 1225(GP-9) now SWP 2003 (GP-11)
PC 7332 Ex NYC 5932/7332 (GP-9 now GRMX 7332 (GP-9)

PC 9504 (SW-1500) now LLPX 176
PC 9224 (SW-1500) now LLPX 177
PC 9225 (SW-1500) now BRC 539

PC 7962 (GP-38-2) now EMDX 762
PC 8026 (GP-38-2) now EMDX 826

PC 6954 (SD-38) now NS 3818

PRR 6050 (SD-40) now EMDX 2819 (SD-40-2)

PRR 9379 (SW-7) now USSX 9/NREX 9 (In Deadline at NRE Dixmoor,IL)

PRR 6202 (SD-45) now UP 2690 (SD-40M-2)
PRR 6203 (SD-45) now UP 2686 (SD-40M-2)
PRR 6213 (SD-45) now CSX 8484 (SD-40-2R)
  by uhaul
Wow zablocki22, I did not realize any locomotive like that was still bombing around. Quite surprised the Penn Central paint is still there and what a great catch.
  by scottychaos
zablocki22 wrote:I do not know if this one was listed or linked since I did not read all 13 pages of posts.


You can clearly see the Penn Central markings and the CR markings underneath. Photos are from 2007 in the state of Kansas.


page updated, July 7, 2008:

http://gold.mylargescale.com/Scottychao ... /index.htm

and WAMX 3817 is PC 7788.
The only known loco still roaming around in its PC paint!

(PC 7049 at Larrys is also in PC paint, but its a museum re-paint, not original PC paint)

  by PRRGuy
Scot, here's some "new" news on a couple alcos.

NYC (P&LE)8542 Alco S-2 Serial 76962 Rebuilt to CLCX 02111 (S2m)

NYC (P&LE) 8652 Alco S-4 Serial 80938 TLE&W 9752
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=1239753

Alco NYC 8655 was also built for the P&LE subsidiary, now on the Ontario Midland, Serial #80941
  by PRRGuy
Found this on the "Loconotes" yahoo group

"Reliable sources report New Hamshire Northcoast
GP9 1756 at scrapped by Pan Am/Springfield Terminal
at Waterville Shops (Maine) in the last two weeks. It
was first stripped of usable parts to repair ST 62."

PRR 7065 - EMD GP9 - New Hampshire North Coast 1756
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