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  by scharnhorst
There is an ALCO T-6 of ex CR, PC, PRR haritage working on the Black Water and Eastern RR in Maryland or New Jersey?? that is still in operation.

  by BR&P
Black Water & Eastern RR? I can't find any reference to that line anywhere. Can you provide more information on it?

  by PRRGuy
I believe you mean the Black River & Western. Correct, they did have a Ex PRR T-6, which was sold to Pioneer Railcorp and is currently working in Michigan.

  by PRRGuy
NYC 5908 (GP9) ex NYC 7308/PC/CR - (Bay Colony RR) BCLR 1704

PRR 8528 (SW9) ex PRR/PC/CR 9128 - Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum Lenox,MA

PRSL 2000 (GP38) ex CR 7660/NLG 40/ Iowa Interstate 600

NH 1224 - PC 7554 (GP9) - Columbus & Greenville 8518 GP11

NYO&W 130 - NYC 9515 - PC8698/CR9274 (NW2) - NEMCO 1000
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  by scharnhorst
PRRGuy wrote:I believe you mean the Black River & Western. Correct, they did have a Ex PRR T-6, which was sold to Pioneer Railcorp and is currently working in Michigan.
Thanks for the correction could not rember the name of the line knew it had black and western in the name.

  by PRRGuy
No problem..they don't call me "PrrGuy' for nothin' :P

  by PRRGuy
I just realized that I've been skipping locos! I forgot all about the P&LE being owned by the NYC and also a part of their roster.

So far I've found:

P&LE (NYC) GP7 5679 - Rail Link Ottawa Valley 4302
P&LE (NYC) GP7 5680 - Rail Link Ottawa Valley 4301
P&LE (NYC) GP7 5683 - PREX 803 (GP8)
P&LE (NYC) GP7 5733 - Natchez Trace 1511
P&LE (NYC) GP7 5734 - Relco 1620 (GP10)
P&LE (NYC) SW9 8938 - CIC 95
P&LE (NYC) NW2 8746 - East Camden & Highland 60
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  by scottychaos
PC GP9 7049 was preserved at the "Age of Steam" museum in Minerva, Ohio:


But now she at Larry's Truck & Electric!

http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.p ... 25&nseq=37

anyone know why she left the museum??

and check out the PC paint! :P
at first I thought "could that really be original PC paint??"
but check out the remants of CR blue..
this was a PC unit, was painted in full conrail blue, than was painted BACK to PC black!

ah! hold on..I just found some info about it:
kgjr1554 -AT- earthlink.net wrote:

> A black GP9 7049 arrived at LTEX McDonald,Ohio.Unit has the red and white
> Penn Central worms logo.Frame number is 5408-50

Yep, that's the Geep that originally was at the museum in Wellsville,
WV, until it folded a few years ago. It was picked up (rescued from
scrapping) by the Ohio Central, and then traded to the Minerva Scenic
Railway. Recently, it was sold to LTEX. Apparently the locomotive is in
good condition, so it may end up being fixed up and sold or leased out.

The engine wears a "red P" paint scheme (which the original 7049 never
wore) and it has Conrail style numbers under the cab, but otherwise it
doesn't look too bad in its museum paint job.


from: http://pc.smellycat.com/list/2006-01/msg00033.html


  by PRRGuy
I'm pretty sure that the museum disbanded and the equipment sold off.

  by scottychaos
PRRGuy wrote:BNSF 2000- NYC 3055
BNSF 2003 - PC 3144
BNSF 2006 - PC 3105
BNSF 2007 - PC 3139
BNSF 2008 - PC 3167
BNSF 2009 - PC 3120
BNSF 2018 - PC 3115
BNSF 2019 - NYC 3038
BNSF 2028 - PC 7704

Update PRR 2257 - NOW BNSF 2028
you have BNSF 2028 listed twice! ;)
BNSF is PC 7704, not PRR 2257..
just curious, where did you find the PRR 2257 info..

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