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  by PRRGuy
Scot, If you were wondering about that GP-38 that doesn't match up with the rest of the numbers (PC 2013) that was built as an order of 5 units for the Pennsylvania-Reading seashore lines, but was delivered to PC.

(PC 2010-2014)

  by PRRGuy
Carolina Southern RR

150 SW1500 7355-33 3/72 Ex-CR/PC 9542
151 SW1500 7355-7 2/72 Ex-CR/PC 9516
152 SW1500 7355-47 3/72 Ex-CR/PC 9556
153 SW1500 7355-3 2/72 Ex-CR/PC 9512

  by lvrr325
Was the PRR Madison Hill unit an SD7 or SD9? I'm pretty sure that unit, rebuilt with a chopnose, is on TRRA (St. Louis), in their red paint scheme.

  by scottychaos
TRRA 1751 - ex THBE 6999 - CR 6999 - PC 6999 - PC 6951 - PRR 6951 - nee PRR SD7 8589


  by PRRGuy
As for the PRR SD9's..they were all retired and sold for scrap around January, 1983

  by Allen Hazen
I think I remember reading that PRR had two SD-7 for Madison Hill: ballasted, dynamic brake equipped, but NOT m.u. fitted, so when both were needed on a heavy movement (I think I vaguely recall something like a generator on an umpty-ump axle flat) they had to be double headed: crews on boh units.
But it's a vague memory.

  by PRRGuy
That's correct PRR had 2 SD-7's for madison hill (Indiana) One of these SD's are still around, scottychaos mentioned it above.

  by PRRGuy

  by PRRGuy
Quebec & Ontario Paper # 9137 /Quebec north shore paper
Ex PRR 8537/9137 (SW9M)
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