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arriving sunday night at rands yard, the newest sunrail loco was set out at rands. loco 110 is the last of the MP32PH-Q ordered. it has been related that no more can be built, do to lack of donor cabs. the loco isn't being delivered, literally to the opposite side of the fence, that separates rands yard from sunrails vsmf yard.

the "inside joke is, that until the last 99 payments are made, (at $25K each), the loco stays on csxt property". :P this still leaves us with only 9 locos, due to the 108 being wrecked at a grade crossing accident, with a tractor trailer in longwood.

  by Tadman
Donor cabs? Aren't the cabs the only new piece here? It appears that the rest is from a rebuilt geep.
  by Martin Baumann
Is 108 permanently out of service?

110 is the former MARC 66
108 is sitting dead alongside the mainline at the VSMF. besides a crushed nose, the HEP was ripped from it's motor mounts, damage to the radiators, and a lot of damage internally, not visible from the ground. the truckers insurance is responsible for the damage, and they are fighting to not pay. the estimated time-frame for repairs at this point, are over a year.

as for the "donor cabs", the locos were all built as gp-40's and then rebuilt into pax locos for marc. it's a gp frame and hood, back to the radiator section, where it becomes an sd-45 to the rear of the hood. the cabs are boxed steel frames with a fiberglass nose and roof, over a modified geep cab. the gyralite and marker light mounting appliances are still present on the rear of the longhoods, they are just blanked over.

  by Redhill
Could anyone advise on the previous guises of Sunrail 108 and 109?

Thanks in advance.

  by Martin Baumann
108 ex MARC 67:2 ex MARC 30 ex Conrail and PC 3198

109 ex MARC 61:2 ex SOO 4612 ex MILW 2012 nee MILW 174