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  by DutchRailnut
Yesterday a female railfan with no brains was waiting at Cannondale for a
head one shot of the 413, on train 1812.
She had the Camera on a tripod between the two rails about 3 cars
north of the station.
Needles to say the Engineer and student engineer had no good words
about rail fans. Come one toots you ruin it for all rail fans with your
stupid antics.
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  by railtrailbiker
In the future, you might want to carefully spell and grammar check any messages in which you attack someone else's intelligence level.

  by njt4172
Must be Friday, the 13th.... You sure she wasn't a ghost???????????????

  by johnpbarlow
It's possible that "Toots" wasn't a railfan but maybe just a dim photographer who, unlike most railfans, was neither aware of the stupidity of standing in the gauge nor sensitive to the fact that she might get arrested for trespassing.

Maybe she worked for some media company? There are numerous advertisements and newspaper photos that depict subjects standing on active tracks. Maybe this will be the cover photo of a new issue of a Metro-North timetable?

A prudent, knowledgable foamer would know that to take a head-on photo, you stand outside some publicly accessible, well lit curve and use your telephoto lens. You wouldn't need a tri-pod, assuming the lighting was halfway decent.

  by RailBus63
All of that is possibly true, John, but you know that some RR folks will still blame it on the 'foamers'.


  by RedSoxSuck
If I was that desperate for a head on shot, I would just go to the Danbury Railway Museum on a weekend, and get a shot of the nose of the trains parked on either side of the pedestrian crossing to the museum yard...

  by Nester
I've met more than my fair share of foamers and most of them, while dim, aren't that stupid. She was probably a dim-witted professional. Did the engineer or student call the police?

  by DutchRailnut
yes they called the police, and spoke to her.
After engineer spoke to her she went back between the rails to take another short of the 413 and kept on shooting as if nothing phased her.
needles to say she was gone when police got there, since train was gone too.

  by Nester
More reason to think she's a pro. (Most) seem to think that the rules don't apply to them.

  by railtrailbiker
I guess the spelling and grammar checker is still broken . . .

  by Otto Vondrak
Yes, this was an example of extreme stupidity on the part of someone who obviously has no regard for the law, safety, or courtesy... but I'm going to cut this thread short before we start attacking each other. Save your language for when you encounter this chick trackside in person.