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  by PRRGuy
Hey, we all make mistakes. Besides, I've only made the trip east of Shops one time. You should know by now most of us just use those things as coasters anyway. lol

  by SPUI
So is this how the old alignment ran?

East Chicago:
Split around the Ash Ave bridge (is the northern bridge the old alignment?)
Ran near the current alignment - where and at what angle did it cross the PRR/B&OCT line?
Angled southeast into Chicago Ave, meeting it at the town line, then east to just past the NYC/EJ&E, then southeast through the existing ROW, just north of the diagonal road, then curving more to the southeast across the bridge
Then curving east, barely touching the existing branch, into the barely diagonal line that is still followed further east.

South Bend can all be seen on USGS topos, but how far east did it go?

Also, what's the history of the bypass line in Michigan City? Was that always there for freight?

How did the original line from East Chicago to Indiana Harbor go?

  by CSS&SB702
Boy, that's a BAD South Bend map. Before 1970, the SB station was at the northwest corner of Michigan & LaSalle Sts. What the map doesn't show is the LaSalle St bridge crossing the river. The rails crossed this bridge and continued for another block east to the rail yards. The small yard was located on the NE corner of LaSalle St & Hydraulic Ave. All the street trackage and the yard was pulled up in the summer of 1970. :(

  by SPUI
CSS&SB702 wrote:Boy, that's a BAD South Bend map.
Actually it's just misaligned at the vertical line - the LaSalle Street bridge is the one with the 596 under it.

  by CSS&SB702
Okay. I didn't even notice that the river doesn't line up on the map. Geesh, I lived in SB for over 25 years, you'd think I would have caught that. :wink: