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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by wagz
Hey all,

I live in Philadelphia and its been ages since I've been out to Strasburg (I turn 31 next week and I was probably a kid last time I was out there). I've watched a lot of the Steam Freight videos on Youtube and I wanted to go catch this move next Wednesday (June 26). Is it correct that they depart East Strasburg at 8AM now to make the interchange? Is there any pattern or schedule as to which locomotive they steam up on any given day so I could figure out which I'm likely to see? 90 is my all time favorite, with 475 being a close second (but I'm not a fan of the whistle they put on 475 at all).

I also read on another thread here that lately the freight business has been sporadic. I'd considered sending them an email seeing if they have any information or if they could let me know the day before whether or not they would be running, but I don't know if those answering the emails are involved or have any information about the operations at all.

Also, I'd heard that 90 was keeping its GW paint only for the photo shoot then getting restored to its previous condition. Anyone seen it lately?
  by Dick H
I was in Strasburg on Thursday, June 6th. After riding the regular 2:00PM train, I asked the
ticket agent if the freight would be running on Friday the 7th and more or less got the brushoff.
At about 4:00PM, I called the office. After waiting for the "push 1, push 2" menu, a live person
answered the phone. He seemed not to know what I was talking about regarding the freight
train. I advised him there is a page on their web site detailing the operation. He put me on
hold, then came back and said the "mixed" would not be running on June 7th.

I would suggest you call the office middle of the afternoon on June 25th and talk to a live person.
There is nothing on the recorded menu on the mixed train, as far as I could tell. Whether you
get a firm answer on the mixed train, is likely to be problemantic.
  by one87th
The "freight services" page of Strasburg's website does list a "Freight Services" agent. If contacting the railroad, it might be best to direct your question to him.