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  by kevikens
I will be making my yearly pilgrimage to visit my daughters in the Bay Area next month and while out there this year I thought I would visit Stockton as on a map it looks like it has quite a lot of rail traffic but I know NOTHING of that area. Any tips or advisories you Bay Area folks can offer me ?

  by modorney
The two lines cross at the old Stockton Tower location, and there's a lot of freight, plus a few Amtrak trains.

Stockton can have a few dangerous spots, but, in the daylight is usually safe.

You may want to join the yahoo group calrailfans, they have a lot of wisdom on the railfanning out there.

  by njtmnrrbuff
I haven't been to that part of Cali, but I will be next month. I will be in the Bay Area. I have heard that the hoods where the two passenger stations are aren't good.