• All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad
All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by tomjohn
I am sorry that I missed ARCADE AND ATTICA RAILROADS return to steam, I trust that THE ARCADE AND ATTICA RR made the return of steam locomotive No.18 a EVER SO GLORIOUS RETURN !

  by thebigham
My mom saw the Saturday 2:30pm train leave. She said it was almost empty.

I'm sure high gas prices are hurting.

When I worked the train, almost all are passengers were from Buffalo. Some from Rochester.
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  by khojnacki
I think it was the summer of 1976, a man and his son from Rochester spent a whole weekend and part of another filming the train with 14. They were everywhere! We did a lot of making smoke for them and using different whistles. They did send me a thank you for our cooperation but I never did get to see the film. And now in the digital age, this could be great. Wonder if he ever visits this list?
  by thebigham
Railfan & Railroad has a pic of #18 in the new issue.
  by Schaffner
Happened to be passing through Arcade yesterday, August 2nd. I saw the train leaving the station at noon. This was the first American built standard-gauge steam engine I saw in operation since 1983. Glad to see it back in service, and hopefully I'll get a chance to ride behind her in the coming months.