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  by nessman
WNYP431 wrote:As far as the 220,000 # restriction on Beaver Meadow bridge, check your math....
I'm not quite sure I follow you. I'm basing that # off of the A&A timetable.

  by erievalley
WNYP431 wrote:Now that's a ? for Pat. 18's weight, that is.

As far as the 220,000 # restriction on Beaver Meadow bridge, check your math....
I'm not Pat, but I'll reply as to the weights of the steam engines in question. Engines without tenders...A&A #14- 4-6-0, 71 tons; #18-2-8-0, 60 tons and K&K #58- 2-8-2, 100 ton. The #58 K&K engine is considerably more powerful than either of the A&A engines. As for the K&K- x-LA&L #38, I haven't looked up the specs, but the engine would need much more work than either of the A&A engines to bring back on line......Jerry.
  by Aa3rt
Here's a link to information on the K&K #38, which originally served on the Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain:

http://www.steamlocomotive.info/vlocomo ... splay=1014

According to the specifications, the 51" drivers bear 143,730 lbs.

  by erievalley
Thanks for the info Art, I don't seem to be able to find what I'm looking for on that site, guess I feed the wrong info into the search "engine".....Jerry.

  by Benjamin Maggi
Any news on the status of #18? Are there plans to have it up and running this year, or next?
  by hipt1658
is the railroad thinking of buying Knox and Kane 2-8-2 58
  by Benjamin Maggi
While I am not speaking for the railroad, I don't know why they would want that engine. Some problems that I see (though I don't know everything) is:

1. There is already one working steam engine that just took years to put into service again. Traffic doesn't demand a second one, so why buy a second? I doubt they would get it just for back up duties.

2. It is a larger engine than the two steamers and 3 diesels that they already have, and I wonder if it would cause more problems with the track then it is worth. Of course, with the track rehab it might not be an issue, but a heavy long-wheelbase steamer isn't the best option for them. If it is the Chinese one from 1989, that thing is HUGE!

3. Where would they store it? They would have to kick another engine out of the roundhouse!
  by hipt1658
okay just wondering it would be nice if you purchased it. its just ive seen alot of topics in this board about the locomotive. too bad :(
  by Benjamin Maggi
Well, I think it would be nice is SOMEONE purchased it. Ever since the bridge was closed, and then brought down by the Tornado, the K&K struggled until closing for good last year. The engine is not even 20 years old and so it is probably still good for many more miles. If I remember correctly, two other Chinese engines were ordered. One sunk during delivery and the other went to the Boone Scenic Railroad whilch still operates theres. In addition, I think the NYS&W also purchased a Chinese steam engine (but not of the same class as the other three).

  by thebigham
The exLA&L engine was damaged in a fire on the K&K earlier this year.

They said the damage was mostly in the cab.
  by tomjohn
Here's my post from ARA Steam Engine #18 Status Update. What about K & K RR's Chinese built SY # 58 if she had a cab and some rebuilding and used as back up temporarily? She would be a nice addition to A. & A.RR's roster, however am I thinking correct, is she to heavy for the ARCADE AND ATTICA rails ...

  by hipt1658
i forgot about Ex LA&L #38. i think she is better for the Arcade and Attica line than the chinese locomotive but with the track rehab i believe the railroad could improve the track for the chinese locomotive. i think both would make good additions to the A&A Steam Roster

plus those locomotives need a home i heard they are in danger of scrap
  by tomjohn

1 - If ARCADE & ATTICA RR 's one tender truck on A & A RR #14 is cracked couldn't the railroad contract out to some company or with STEAMTOWN U.S.A. to cast one for them ?

2 - What about K & K RR's Chinese built SY # 58 ? having received some damage and rebuilt couldn't she be used as back up temporarily ? I think she would be a nice addition to A. & A.RR's roster.

3 - Am I thinking correctly that KNOX & KANE RR SY #58 is to heavy for the ARCADE AND ATTICA rails ?

4 - I also wouldn't forget about the EX- LIVONIA , AVON & LAKEVILLE RR #38 as well ..

Please let me know ...

  by Mountcastle
Pat was good enough to post a link to a couple of great photos of A&A RR No. 7, but is anyone aware of a site showing photos of some of the railroad's other steam engines (pre-excursion era, that is?)

If not, can any of you who have the Lewis book tell me if it features any photos of Arcade & Attica No. 3? If so, I don't suppose any of you might be able and/or willing to, perhaps, scan the image of No. 3 and post it (or email it to me) or, at the very least, describe it to me in detail, particularly with respect to the bell and dome arrangement, stack shape, tender style and pilot? I know it's a 4-6-0, but that's all I the information I have with respect to it's appearance.

I ask because I've purchased an HO scale locomotive that I was going to paint and letter to represent A&A No. 7 (essentially because 6 & 7 are the only two steamers I can find images of without the Lewis book). However, my model has a molded number plate on the front of the smokebox that says '3'. Not an insurmountable task to change that, of course, however I'd be just as happy to let my model represent No. 3 as I would be to let it represent No. 7, if I knew what No. 3 looked like and if it bore some resemblance to the model.

If there's any way any of you fortunate owners of 'The Book' could be of help, I'd be truly grateful.
  by JT76
If i remember correctly from the last time i was there, isnt the K&K is worse shape then the A&A ever was? That track was ROUGH.