• State plots MARC expansion with Aberdeen land deal

  • Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.
Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.

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  by RailVet
The Maryland Department of Transportation has started negotiations to lease as many as 200 acres of land at Aberdeen Proving Ground, land the state would use to kick-start a significant expansion of its MARC rail service.

The site would be used as a rail yard and maintenance facility, and is the backbone of the state transportation department’s $3 billion plan to add additional cars, more frequent service, and an extension of the Penn Line into Delaware and Northern Virginia.

“It’s giving us the opportunity for a very unique site for this rail yard, and it is pivotal for the MARC plan,” said Andrew J. Scott, special assistant to the state transportation secretary.

Scott said the transportation department only needs about 70 acres of the 200-acre property, which was used as a rail yard by the Army previously. If the deal is approved, it could take about five years for the state to study the land and determine whether it can be used as a rail yard.

http://baltimore.bizjournals.com/baltim ... ory14.html
  by RailVet
I suspect it is the same yard as shown in the link. Any other location at Edgewood Arsenal (a subpost of Aberdeen PG) would involve operating into the base, grade crossings, etc. The yard has not been used in many, many years, its ties have almost turned to mulch, and brush obscures the tracks. The physical connection to the NEC has been severed, too. MARC is going to have to clear out all of the old track, right down to the bare ground, and start from scratch. It will, though, be nice to see at least a part of the old arsenal railway come back to life.
  by RailVet
Let me modify that last answer. I mistook the yard pictured in that link for the one at Edgewood Arsenal, a subpost of APG which is where (I believe) the MARC yard will be built, not on APG's main post. You'll find it next to Sibert Road at this URL:

http://terraserver-usa.com/image.aspx?T ... dgewood|md|

APG's last locomotive left four years ago, but the track still sees some traffic. A carmover, normally stored within the restricted area, is used to move loaded cars for collision tests. The enginehouse, outside the restricted area, stores other heavy equipment. During my last visit an employee stated the railway does see some occasional use, using the carmover, to bring in war-damaged vehicles to determine where the armor failed, what should be improved, etc.
  by RWERN
The rail yard and maintenance facility I understand. The expansion into Delaware I definitely understand. However, I am not so clear on what the Northern Virginia plan is. The only sensible routes in that area are already served by VRE, unless they mean to somehow supplement that?
  by spvanhart
I think the No. VA expansion is a supplement to VRE. Basically it will allow a significant amount of MARC commuters commute from their homes in Maryland to their jobs in No. VA without having to switch from MARC to VRE or Metro.