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  by electricron
FWTA will only be buying 8 GTWs initially, with options for an additional 24 on this contract. FWTA GTWs are expected to have final assembly somewhere in Texas to meet Buy USA requirements. ... tract.html
  by electricron
News Update 1: TexRail, i.e. FWTA commuter rail, is not buying Stadler's GTWs after all, they're buying 8 diesel powered FLIRTs in a 4 car DMU train sets. That's the equivalent of 32 railcars.

Update 2: eBART is buying 8 GTWs (2/6 models). So now there will be GTWs on both the east and west coasts, and two locales in Texas.

Update 3: Caltrain is buying 96 Stadler's KISS double level EMUs, with an option to buy 20 more cars.

Isn't it about time for Stadler's Rail to get their own manufacturing bullet?
They seem to be winning most of all the non FRA compliant, but FRA alternate compliance commuter rail orders.
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  by DutchRailnut
will any of equipment be built in US ??
  by electricron
DutchRailnut wrote:will any of equipment be built in US ??
The TexRail FLIRTs and CalTrain KISS trains will be. TexRail FLIRTs are being assembled in Salt Lake City, I assume so will the CalTrain KISS trains.

To be considered "Built in America" today, only 60% of the train's worth needs American parts while being assembled in the USA. Stadler uses an extrude aluminum process for their car bodies, so I assume they will ship European built shells to Salt Lake City, where the electrics, diesels, motors, brakes, windows, and FTA approved interiors will be fitted.
  by electricron
We need to add another Stadler FLIRT DMU purchaser to the ever increasing number of users of Stadler trains in America, the Arrow train for the San Bernardino to Redlands corridor. They have ordered three DMUs with just two cars, which has an option to order three more.
The RFP attracted interests from four companies, but only Stadler submitted bids. I personally believe the Stadler GTWs would have been a better match for their operational need with just two powered axles (1 bogey) vs four axles (2 bogies).
But the reason why San Bernardino transit bought FLIRTs instead many should find interesting. Stadler hasn't and doesn't plan to build GTWs in America. FLIRTS and KISS trains are the only trains Stadler builds in America. FLIRTs and KISS trains use basically the same components excluding the car body shells. Stadler has found American suppliers to make most of these components, at least enough to meet the 70% Buy America regulations. Stadler hasn't to date invested the time and money into finding American suppliers for making GTW component, or can't meet the 70% threshold.
  by electricron
Austin's CapMetro is in the process of making the final touches to refurbishing their first round of GTWs to match their last round of GTW purchases which will make all of them meet FRA Alternate Compliance. Then they plan to ask the FRA to end their time separation waiver so they can run freight and passenger trains on their line at the same time.