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  by electricron
TexRail’s, Trinity Metro (ex-Fort Worth Transportation Authority) new FLIRTs being tested on YouTube." onclick=";return false;
TexRail pdf" onclick=";return false;
Stadler pdf
https://wwwstadlerrailcom-live-01e96f7. ... 5en_us.pdf" onclick=";return false;
  by electricron
You can ride DMU versions of Stadler FLIRTs in Fort Worth!
The TexRail line is open for business.
  by Nasadowsk
Wonder how the performance compares to the electric version? I don't suspect the FRA would allow 0-100mph in 75 seconds, even if the things could do it....
  by electricron
TexRail FLIRTs can not reach 100 mph.
TexRail will rarely, if ever, run faster than 60 mph (96 kph) in normal operations. The DMU FLIRTs TexRail bought per Stadler specifications could reach a maximum speed 79 mph (130 kph).

The best answer to your question comparing the specifications differences between an EMU and DMU versions of the FLIRT, this Stadler link for Greater Anglica trains have both- in 3 car and 4 car lengths." onclick=";return false;
TexRail uses 4 cars , so let's look at the 4 car version in detail.
Max acceleration electric (0-40 mph) = 1.1 m/s2 (3.6 ft/s2) or 2.45 mph/s
Max acceleration diesel (0-40 mph) = 0.9 m/s2 (2.9 ft/s2) or 1.98 mph/s
Max speed 100 mph
Max electric power at wheels was the same for both the diesel and electric versions, 2600 kW
Therefore, possibly completely wrong algebra - but here I go anyways....
Electric = 40 mph / 2.45 mph/s = 16.3 seconds
Diesel = 40 mph / 1.98 mph/s = 20.2 seconds
I have no idea what the acceleration curves are above 40 mph, so I can't accurately calculate what the time to 100 mph would be. Assuming the same acceleration curve to 40 mph, yes I know a very bad assumption to make but fun never-the-less:
Electric = 100 mph / 2.45 mph/s = 40.8 seconds
Diesel = 100 mph / 1.98 mph/s = 50.5 seconds
So, the diesel should only take an extra 10 seconds or so to reach 100 mph than the electric.
  by electricron
DART orders 8 new DMU 4 car versions of FLIRTs for the ex-Cotton Belt (or Silver Line), with service scheduled to begin sometime in 2022. They will be almost exact duplicates of those running for TexRail - except for the livery which will be DART specific.

So, to date, that means Stadler has sold 16 (4 cars each) and 3 (2 cars each) DMU versions of the FLIRTs in the USA. 8 for TexRail, 8 for DART, and 3 for Arrow (Redlands Passenger Rail Project), with an additional Li-Ion battery (2 cars each) EMU version for Arrow.