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  by BSOR Patarak
On the same line as my last post about the status of engine 18, here are a few things that the A&A is working on for the up coming passenger season:

For those who wish to help support the A&A, please visit them for a ride this summer. The locomotives are still looking great in the stripes, and all 6 coaches have been repainted to match; both inside and out. Patronage numbers help the bottom line and show the push for steam.

The A&A crews have been busy this spring with planned track maintenance (and probably some unplanned too!) as well as routine coach maintenance. Coach work includes all the air valve and piston servicing, hand brakes and other miscellaneous stuff required by FRA. The track end of things, continued tie installation and other items will keep scheduled track crews busy through the summer. The recently purchased track equipment goes along way in speeding up production. There are many areas along the line that are beginning to show vast improvement.

Should anyone know of any good sticks of 70 pound rail, the A&A would be interested in it. The plan would be to install heavier (Which has begun in places), but the 70 is still needed to make patches to the existing rail to replace broken or short pieces and eliminate joints.

Pat Connors

  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks for the updates. Sounds great to hear that they are still working on getting #18 up and running. Personally, I like #14 better. I know it is basically a dead engine, but I wish I knew more about its condition. Any ideas?


  by BSOR Patarak
I am partial to 18 myself. Only because it is the only one that I have had the pleasure of working on and around.

As a youngster growing up, I did see 14 run quite a bit. Many say it is a more "hansom" engine. It would be nice to see her out again. Before this would happen, it needs the same work that 18 is undergoing. One, to meet the new FRA steam regs, and two - the fact that it was pulled from service for thinning sheets on the firebox sides. The area right around the grates. For the most part, she is still sitting complete inside the shop. She's in cold storage and out of sight/out of mind and out of the 'direct' weather. The locomotive has been discussed, but no descision made at this time.

In a perfect world, lets get 18 running and begin working on 14. Wouldn't a double header be awesome?

  by BSOR Patarak
Also, with regards to my post about the track work and inquiring about 70 lb rail, I was in no way trying to indicate that the A&A is searching for or would purchase any quantity of the small 70 pound stuff. It would only help their track crews if they had a few extra pieces to replace badly worn joints and broken smaller pieces.

Again, in a perfect world, the plan is to upgrade to heavier rail. This would serve to help out all train operations. There are minor quantities of heavier stuff on hand and should be installed at locations with matching rail and begin the process of replacing the 70. This would in turn free up the few sticks they would need to keep the remaining parts of the line together. My comments were for discussion purposes only.

Pat Connors

  by Benjamin Maggi
I want to join the friends of the A&A and donate to it, but live in Albany. How can I get the newsletter, and other info about them. I have only ridden #18, but I too think #14 is a better looking engine. And, easier to model in HO thanks to Bachmann's ten wheeler!
  by erievalley
There is a video available with footage of both the #14 and #18 in excursion service. Check my profile for web site. Sorry Otto, trying NOT to advertise!!!.....Jerry.

  by Benjamin Maggi
Went down this past weekend and caught the two trains. Arrived in Arcade just as train was leaving, and so chased it (well, against a 44 tonner it isn't a chase!) and to Curriers, then back, then there and back again. Didn't ride it now, but hope to later this summer. By the way, is there any contact information for the Friends of the A&A railroad. I heard mention of it but have not seen anything official.