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  by HammerJack
Some of my thoughts:

During the AM rush, 1208 and 1212, both Aurora-Route 59-Naperville expresses are awfully close to one another, at 5.45 and 5.54, respectively. Similarly, 1230 and 1232, also Aurora-Route 59-Naperville expresses, are 11 minutes apart, at 6.49 and 7.01. In each of these pairs, I wonder if one train will be severely overcrowded, while the other relatively empty.

The current 1238 and 1248 run express to CUS after Hinsdale, but now 1238 (renumbered 1240) will have a stop at Western Springs, and 1248 (renumbered 1250) will have a stop at La Grange. It shouldn't impact operations too much, since these trains normally don't cross to Main 2 until Congress Park.

During the PM rush, it's interesting how the Naperville-Route 59 trains will change to Lisle-Naperville-Aurora trains, and the Downers-Belmont-Lisle-Aurora trains into Downers-Belmont-Route 59 trains. We'll see if it helps crowding.
However, it is interesting that 1277 and 1279 will retain their original pattern. This could be because of 383, which leaves CUS a few minutes after 1279, and the current operations more or less work.
  by MetraBNSF
Don't know if its changed, but at one point train 1208 was actually the shortest of the Naperville express trains, with 7 cars. Upon arriving CUS, it would run back out and make stops at Hinsdale and Westmont, then become another eastbound that originates at Fairview. The next current Naperville express (1210 I believe?) is/was 9 cars.

Its been discussed before, but BNSF 1279 and Amtrak 383 have very interesting operating patterns, and I saw part of it in work today. 1279 goes main 3 at Fairview interlocking for the DG/Belmont/Lisle stops before heading back to the center track for the run to Aurora. 383 has been known to stop on the center track at LaGrange and board passengers from the LaGrange Road crossing. From there, 383 remains on the center track and will cross over at main 1 at Fairview for the run to Naperville. I think these two trains operate in this manner in order to stay out of one's way. They've also been known to "race" between Naperville and Eola.