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  by BSOR Patarak
On September 14th there will be a fund raising run after the normal scheduled excursion. This is a good day for fans to come out and help out a friend of the railroad, as well as a chance to chase one run for photos and ride in the same day. (something that is lacked with one trip a day schedule.) Also, there will be a small chinese type auction that should have some interesting items available.


Please see below and distribute/promote as you deem appropriate.

Thanks for your consideration. We hope all of you can join us as we honor David A. Clark.


The Arcade and Attica Railroad and the New York & Lake Erie Railroad are jointly planning a Grand Train Ride and Country Chicken Barbeque on Saturday, September 14, 2013, for the purpose of honoring our good friend and “Mechanical Magician,” Mr. David A. Clark.

Dave, “the Judge” has been beset with a particularly persistent renal, a.k.a. kidney, cancer that has ever so slightly slowed down his usual “go for it” pace and those of us, who have been mechanically rescued many times by Dave, want to pay back in some small way.

The Grand Train Ride will begin in Arcade, NY, at the A & A depot on Route 39, at 3:00 pm. The steam powered train will proceed to Curriers where a delicious, country-style Chicken Barbeque will be provided and the return trip to Arcade should get us back by 7:30 pm, or so. The renowned local band, “Archives,” will perform during the barbeque, the raffle, Chinese auction, numerous 50/50 drawings and other nonsense typical of these events. Naturally, those of us who have extensive collections of railroad junk (memorabilia) will find some duplicative pieces to contribute to a table of auction-able goods. At our ages, some of us are never going to clean our attics any other way.

Dave Clark has been a “consultant extraordinaire” for things mechanical both railed and derailed since the New York & Lake Erie Railroad started operations in 1978 and we expect for many years before that for others, including Mr. Cartwright and his daughter, Ruth Davis, and her daughter, Sally, at the A & A. At the risk of failing to mention some of his major accomplishments and major customers, we will list a few of the “little” guys that Dave helped get through their formative railroad years. He assisted George Root, Vince Milligan, Gene Blabey and the rest of the Livonia Avon & Lakeville gang with their start-up in the 1960’s while working fulltime for Genesee & Wyoming in Retsof, NY. Later in his long railroad career, he worked for the L. A. & L. and was a major player in getting the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad’s power up and running. The Ontario Midland and the Ontario Central, the Saint Lawrence & Raquette River, Trillium Railway and Kelowna Pacific Railway in Canada were bailed out of many common and some uncommon problems with their iron horses with Dave’s help.

Train tickets including the barbeque are priced at $20.00 per invitee and reservations can be made by calling NYLE RR at (716) 532-5242 or A & A at (585) 492-3100.

All gift baskets, etc. and other bright ideas are solicited.

George Ling, A & A [email protected]

Robert Dingman, NYLE [email protected]
  by BSOR Patarak
I forgot to mention that all are welcome to join us for this trip. Also I will be putting up a copy of Ed Lewis's A&A book for the auction. Hope to see you all there!
  by thebigham
I'm sorry I cannot make it. Someone please take pics!
  by BR&P
The entire event was well done. Davey has helped more shortlines than we could list here and I believe it meant a lot to him to be honored in this fashion. Hats off to all who worked to make it happen.