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  by doepack
Some observations:

With the exception of NCS, SWS, and HC, all other Metra routes are running at least one early afternoon outbound express train. Despite the slight flaw in the afternoon outbound schedule, ridership on SWS has definitely increased since the expansion, yet it's pretty curious that Metra didn't forsee a need just this once to fill that 1 hour 50 minute gap between afternoon CUS departures with, say, a 3:30pm "early quit" special to Orland Park. It can't be for lack of equipment. Probably could've modified the schedules for NCS trains 107 and 109 as well, perhaps making 107 an express of some kind, while keeping 109 as a local, but moving up its departure by a half hour or so. Just thinking out loud...

Whether or not these or other similar scenarios were actually considered by the folks at 510 W. Jackson, I don't know, it just seems strange that Metra has scheduled no early PM departures on its two recently expanded routes, both of which have sustained significant ridership increases since the new start services came online in January...

  by metraRI
I wondered the same thing about SWS...before the new schedule, there used to be a 3:00 train....which was close enough to be considered "early quit"... now with a train sitting in 14th Street until 6:15...there could have been a train added around 3:30...with train #827 being cancelled.

RI had its usual 3:40 LaSalle-Tinley Park express...which makes pretty good time, scheduled to be in Tinley at 4:12...32 minutes. RI's 10 car set, pulled by 407, ran train #403, 418, 417. #403 and 418 both ran about 8 minutes late...however #417 ran pretty much on-time, arriving in New Lenox 2 minutes behind schedule. Train #413 was cancelled, giving #415 clear blocks to Joliet. #415 ran 8 minutes early.

  by doepack
Metra tends to run their special expresses within the realm of their regular service; i.e, CUS-Naperville, OTC-Elmhurst, etc. The only exception to this would be RI's LaSalle-Tinley Park expresses, which aren't a part of the regular schedule, but probably should be. Guess we're adding to the "RI schedule revision" plea...