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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by GWoodle
mbrproductions wrote: Mon Jun 27, 2022 7:26 pm I have seen trains hitting dump trucks on news reports before, but I don't quite remember any of them ending up on their sides like this one did, what could have caused this train to be impacted so hard by a situation that other trains have gotten out of with just a dent?
Don't know about weight of truck. Maybe up to 80,000 pounds in trailer. From pictures it appears trailer was demolished. Good news maybe not full 100gal fuel tanks & no fire. Driver was killed.

Have heard of accidents like this with steel hauler, log truck. Crossing at gravel road with no lights, gates. Don't know about sight line from truck to see 90mph passenger or maybe 40-60 mph freights.
  by John_Perkowski
mbrproductions wrote: Mon Jun 27, 2022 7:26 pm .., what could have caused this train to be impacted so hard by a situation that other trains have gotten out of with just a dent?
We would have to know the size of the dump, the tonnage on the dump bed, and how fast both train n and truck were moving at the instant of collision.

That’s why we Admins are saying THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR SPECULATION

  by John_Perkowski
0117 28 Jun

Well, 3 will originate tonight from KC Union Station. That will probably be routine until BNSF gets to rebuild the affected segment of the transcon. The good news is this does appear to be double track. The bad is there are no passing sidings, so there’ll be a bottleneck while the rebuild happens.

That’s days away from even starting. NTSB has to get their and do their on scene evidence collection.

The KSHB 41 homepage is a good source of information at the moment.

  by John_Perkowski
Here’s a good photo of the work needed on the track rebuild. A lot of ties will have to be replaced, and 1000’ or more of welded rail will need to be supplied.
Everyone: There are now numerous news reports about Amtrak #4 posted - in one video MP 364 is visible.
For the record the control box at the Owensby Street grade crossing in LaPlata, MO at the Amtrak station
is 312.67 - the wreck site is 52 miles west of LaPlata on double track...

I noticed from aerial videos that there is minimal picturing of the two locomotives - which appeared to
have stayed upright along with part of the first car east. As shown the rest of the train toppled to one side
away from the opposite track leaving that track virtually undamaged - which may help for removal of the
cars as they are rerailed and to restore service on the former ATSF Transcon route...

Reasonably good weather in an open rural area should be factors helping those involved in clearing the
wreck scene and with the trackwork that will be necessary to replace the damaged rail and ties and to
regrade and restore the roadbed to get the derailment-damaged track back into service...I agree with JP
that the upcoming NTSB investigation will inform all of us about what the cause of this tragic accident was...
  by STrRedWolf
KMBC coverage -- 3 dead, at least 50 injured.

Heard earlier of a Boy Scout rendering aid to the dump truck driver until he passed. Article confirms that two Boy Scout troops were on board, escaped injury, and essentially were first responders.

That said, the accident has made national news and trickled down to the local level -- WBAL-TV in Baltimore had KMBC's helicopter footage on it.

Edit: NBC's Today Show is also covering the incident.
  by STrRedWolf
Watching the NBC Today Show report. They're reporting from near the scene and gave a shot of the derailment at ground-but-far level. Lead engine is upright. Secondary is leaning slightly. Baggage is 45 degree tilted. Rest are on the ground and side.

16 Boy Scouts, 2 troop leaders were on board and assisted first responders.
  by Gilbert B Norman
I trust this comment is within Col. Perkowski's directive with regards to speculation, but in my experience, a railroad can be held accountable for a grade X-ing incident if the brush and other vegetation is not properly cleared. This accountability is "doubled in No-Trump" if the X-ing is not protected by flashing signals, as was the case with many on "my MILW".

If the X-ing was protected by flashing signals, Warren, and the chain leading to him, by now knows whether or not they were functioning. As to brush clearance, let us leave that to the Board's investigators.

Finally, while one of the first rules you learn regarding the fundamentals of investing is never make an investment decision on emotion. While Warren would not have achieved the success, he has violating that rule, I still have to think BNSF is his "1:1 Lionel set".
  by Train60
An interesting report from a local TV reporter at the site of the crash.

"Missouri farmer worried for years about steep crossing at site of Amtrak train derailment"

This 59:02 video without sound posted by ABC15 Arizona are aerial views of the derailment site:
The two locomotives are 133 leading with noticeable front end damage and 166 derailed at an angle.
The baggage car behind the locomotives was partially leaning - all 8 Superliner cars fell on their sides.
I will add no further comments...MACTRAXX
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. Mactraxx, you need not add any comments; your location of that tremendous "raw" video says so much - if not all.

The Board will also have that video.

Do allow me one comment; while the loss of life and property damage far exceeds Clarendon Hills, this incident appears to be far more "open and shut".
  by farecard
At ~1300 in the above video, there's a clear view of the track. Aft of the last car, and forward from there, where is the outside rail? It appears to have vanished,
  by John_Perkowski
Aerial view grabbed by Trains Magazine. Lead unit stayed up. Trail unit played in the rocks. Baggage car started falling, the rest of the consist went splat.
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