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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by railmason357
Anyone hear anything on NS leaving Campbell Hall and NYS&W taking it over?
  by cjvrr
Been hearing that rumor since the Conrail split. It just came to the top of the pile recently again but haven't heard much more about it.
  by Steve F45
someone on the yahoo boards said both the NYSW and M&E put bids in to operate or buy the yard. Can't remember what exactly was said, it was like 6 weeks ago. Who knows.
  by railmason357
NS and NYS&W were Hi railing the branch that comes into the wye at Campbell Hall and also did the main line.
  by railmason357
About two weeks ago.
  by SemperFidelis
What local industries are served in this area? I have little reason to ever be out in that direction.
  by nysw3636
This rumor has been around since the breakup of Conrail. Anyway, Campbell Hall operations are down from where they were 10 years ago. I try a crack at this question( please help fill in the question marks/etc )

West of Suffern on the Tier:
**Nepara Chemical (CLOSED)
**Utility Pole customer/O&R-Port Jervis (active?)
**84 lumber (active?)
**ShopRite Warehouse (closed?)
**MN&J RR Crawford Ind. Track (active!)

Hudson Secondary Track:
**Jones Chemical (active!)
**Greycourt Team Track (active?)
**Warwick Lumber (active?)
**Mid-State Lumber Warwick (active?)
**Suburban Propane (closed)
**Chester Lumber (active?)

Walden Industrial Track:
**Compac Packaging (active!)
**Truffa Seed (closed)
**American Lumber (active?)

Maybrook Industrial Track:
**Glass recycling behind Lobo Dist (closed)
  by railmason357
Too bad I like their operations vs NS
  by kingfish
Operating Campbell Hall would have had one very positive aspect. That is control and maintenance of the Hudson Secondary. Ten mph could have been improved to 25 mph and would have been done that way.

Oh well.
  by railmason357
When does the NYS&W run on the tier?
  by gawlikfj
I remember hearing of a freight serving a lumber company in Maybrook or Berea . Is that still happening & does the single track going threw the old Maybrook yard still get used ?
  by AMK0123
Don't know if there's anymore customers on-line past the old Maybrook yard but the lumber company you are refering to is Sherwood Lumber Corp on Main Street in Maybrook. I was out that way last week and saw workers unloading a boxcar from there siding. Also, when I arrived at Campbell Hall I saw two UP reefer cars of potatoes being unloaded into tractor trailers. Looked like the same cars that used to be delivered to the Shipways siding (NYC yard) on the CSX river line about a year or so ago. Looked to have 20 plus cars in the yard. Norfork Southern 5617 and 5211 were the local engines being used.