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  by dinwitty
Need to get some data correct, from quick "net" data and memory this engine was retired for parts.

Anyone with better data on it and the history when it was retired and final status (IE) scrapped?)
  by JLJ061
I'm not sure of the exact date, but it was in 1976. It was stored at Shops to be used as a parts source for 802 and 803, then finally scrapped when the 2000-2009 GP38-2's went into service on January 1, 1981.
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  by CSS&SB702
My final photo I took of 801 was when all 3 800's were lined up with the GP7's--all out of service. Dated March 1981.
  by dinwitty
I found an audio CD of South Shore sounds collected from many sources, from Jay Winn in New York, has several orange car rides and runbies, the steeplecabs, both varieties, the 700s and the joes, with riding and runbies/switching. I got this to use as audio reference as I am DCCing my NWSL Joe with sound and may as well sound up my 700's. I also own 2 steeplecabs, plus passenger cars so my work is cut out to make this happen. I own a music synthesizer and should be able to duplicate/match up sounds, and insert them into the Sound decoders.
  by skoswift
I last photographed 801 running in Aug. 1976. It had just been washed and looked great. A short time later when I visited the shops, 801 was sitting off to the side of the New Shop building missing one of it's couplers. A later visit revealed a couple of driving wheel sets missing and from what I heard many internal parts, it had been moved to yard north of the Old shop where 800's never were parked.
After the 800's were retired 801 was moved in March or April '81 to the drop pit next to the New shop and the missing drivers were restored and the engine was then moved to the Hyman-Micheals scrap yard where the the 700's were scapped, at Ave. O and Brainerd Ave. in Hegewisch where she was scrapped. I did photograph her in the junk yard the day before she was cut up in I believe May 1981.