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  by MichiganMike
Earlier this year in March I visited the South Shore Line in Michigan City Indiana hoping to see my fill of electric trains and perhaps some South Shore diesels.

I was very suprised that during my first of the 2 day trip to see several tank cars being hauled right down 11th Street Eastbound by 2 South Shore diesels. It was my first time seeing what Ive always thought in my mind as "true" street running having an actual freight train right down the center of a street!

All the other South Shore freights I saw were "Light Engine" Movements. How often does the CSS actually bring freight cars down the street, do the cabooses make it out often? and any idea of what industry the South Shore was serving in the picture of when I was there?

here is a link to the picture of the train I saw:

Image (alt+p)

Hope you enjoy the pic,


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  by dinwitty
that building on the corner just behind the diesels, the shop owner there was a railfan, I bought a couple of brass Virginian electrics from him years ago.

I don't know the status of him or the store anymore, have to check it out.

I don't know all the industries the SS serves but I certainly know they move a lot of coal!

  by PRRGuy
Well, since the shops is on the east side of the city, all the engines have to make it down 11th st eventually. As for freight, theres a few short trains everyday, but since all the freight moves are "extra" it's hard to pinpoint when they'll show up. One of the bigger customers in M.C. is GAF, a company that makes roofing shingles and has access from both the South shore main line and the Ex NKP line that south shore freight owns.

  by Tadman
Most CSS freight customers are west of the street running in MC. But, engines return to shops for the night always (I think) and also there is the South Bend area customers, an interchange w/ NS at New Carlisle, the NKP line that leaves at shops, and that grain elevator out in the sticks between SB and MC. And also GAF as PRR mentioned.

  by PRRGuy
Most of the time the engines make their way back to shops but sometimes they can be out for up to 3-4 days at a time. If they do keep engines out they usually tie them up at power.