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  by PRRGuy
I thought I'd start keeping you all posted on the goings-on at the shops.

Car #33 is awaiting a couple test and cleaning before it's placed back in service. (you may remember cars #9 and 33 were involved in the SB accident about a year or two ago)

Car #20 is still out of service following a brake pipe bursting on train 108.

Car # 28 is also still out of service following a train/car accident near hudson lake.

Car# 45 is in midlife having a ac/dc conversion.

Car# 30 is also in midlife

Cars # 38 and 43 are the only 2 un-midlifed cars left in service with the "Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad" signs on the cars
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  by dinwitty
how many years now have these cars been in service?

looking up to 20 years for the oldest cars.

  by byte
Probably more like 23 or 24 years. The first "new" (replacing the orange cars) were delivered in 1982 or 1983.

  by PRRGuy
The builders plate dates go as follows:

All the regular motor 2-2 seat cars have 1982-83 dates.

All the "Big" cars (3-2 seat) have 1992 dates.

All the trailers (200 series) have 1992 dates.

and the the One cab motors (100 series) have 2000 dates.

  by PRRGuy
Oh, I also forgot to add

SouthShore Freight

#2002 -out of service for traction motor replacement.

this unit will be put over our drop table in the NICTD shop at some point this month.

  by PRRGuy
Car #33 is now in regular service.

It was placed on #403 as the lead car for testing on wednsday morning, brought in that night for final repairs and went out in revenue service this morning on #12's add.

  by Tadman
I saw 43 on a train at Hegewisch a few days ago. Lookin kind of scruffy.

  by PRRGuy
Yes, both of those cars are looking their age I suppose. It doesn't help that the washouse is out of service at the moment either. Something about a broken pipe to the soap tank.

  by CSS&SB702
Kinda off topic, but does anybody know the car number that was involved in the crossing accident in Lydick, IN back in October?

  by PRRGuy
Yep, that was #28, the whole front pilot on the B-End was folded up under the car, mashed up the steps, and broke away most of the brake pipes on that end of the car. It's still out of service.

  by Tadman
sell it to amtrak, they could probably use a nice coach like that...

  by PRRGuy
I'd be more then happy to trade for a GG1

  by PRRGuy
Well, it's been a little while since I've up-dated this. Recently, I've been in the process of transfering from Mechanical Dept over to Transportation for a collector assignment. Yesterday I rode the head end of trains 18, 11 and 420. Basically I have to learn the names and locations of all the sidings, substations and most of the road crossings as well as signal indications. Today I'll be riding 506, 511 and 512.
Maybe I'll see some of you out there. For the next couple weeks I'll be following the conductors around to get an idea of how to collect fares and other things.

Also, for those photographers out there. Yesterday and most likely today there's a set of CSX widecabs out at south bailey.

  by JLJ061
Substations west to east:
Hegewisch west of the depot.
Columbia Ave east of the Hammond depot.
Parrish east of East Chicago depot.
Madison Ave west of Gary depot.
Wickliffe at Ogden Dunes.
Furnessville west of Beverly Shores.
Eastport at the Shops.
Tee Lake east of the former Lalumiere stop.
New Carlisle east of the former stop.
Grandview where the airport main breaks off the old main.

Crossovers on double track territory:
Griffin west of Cottage Grove Ave.
Ice House east of Cottage Grove Ave.
Calumet-Port at I-94 overpass.
Dooley east of Calumet River bridge.
Hegewisch west of the depot.
Burnham at the west end of Burnham Yard.
State west of State Line Crossing.
Calumet east of Hammond depot.
East Chicago west of the depot.
Cline at the Cline Ave underpass.
Clark west of the Wabash/Pennsy overpass.
Gary just west of the depot.
Paul's west of Ogden Dunes.

Sidings west to east:
State at Burnham Yard.
Parrish east of the East Chicago depot.
Gary at the depot.
Team just east of the EJ&E diamond.
Goff Jct west of Miller stop.
Wilson, from east of Miller stop to the Norfolk Southern overpass.
Bailly (North and South) east of the Norfolk Southern overpass.
Tremont at Dune Park depot.
Tamarack east of Beverly Shores.
Power (North and South) west of Michigan City street running section.
Sheridan just west of 10th Street street running.
Shops at Shops.
Davis east of Shops.
Olive east of New Carlisle.
Bendix just west of the old South Bend depot (now Amtrak).

I used to know locations of all block signals but since the beginning of the CTC project it's been changed quite a bit!

I could also give the names of all street crossings but I won't waste the bandwidth posting them here. lol

  by MikeF
JLJ061 wrote:I used to know locations of all block signals but since the beginning of the CTC project it's been changed quite a bit!
Some crossovers have changed too since the CTC project began. The first one that comes to mind is Ice House, which doesn't exist anymore. If I remember correctly, the new crossover there is just called M.P. 74.