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  by NH2060
Not going to lie I wish Amtrak and others would do this. After a certain amount of time on board a train the mask can make it harder to breathe for some:
In July, the SSL introduced a mask-optional car for those passengers who choose to not wear a mask as a response to complaints from mask-compliant passengers. Pursuant to state and local orders, certain passengers with mask exemptions (including medical/health issues) are not required to wear a mask nor are they required to move to the mask-optional car.
https://www.mysouthshoreline.com/news/i ... car-notice
  by fauxcelt
When I rode on the South Shore yesterday, I kept my mask on all of the time while I was on the train. Since I work in a hospital and am required to wear a mask all of the time while I am on duty at work, I usually wear a mask all of the time when I am out in public also.

  by justalurker66
NICTD ended the "mask optional" car when the federal rule requiring masks on public transit took effect. That rule remains in effect.