Discussion related to commuter rail and rapid transit operations in the Chicago area including the South Shore Line, Metra Rail, and Chicago Transit Authority.

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  by Tadman
Originally, the CSS had interchanges with B&O at Miller (site of recent derailment) and East Chicago. During the regulated era this made sense as the railroad carried a lot of bridge traffic and to maximize profit on bridge traffic, you had to use the interchange ICC directed you to use rather than the nearest interchange.

Since deregulation, the East Chicago interchange has been pulled up. What was the reasoning behind giving up EC but keeping Miller? Is the only traffic off CSX the coal train for Bailly Generating? Does CSX attempt to gain any Arcelor traffic from Burns Harbor via CSS? At the time of the Chessie acquisition, the Chessie-controlled B&O served every Bethlehem Steel mill and the CSS was seen as a Chessie-owned conduit for this traffic from the new Bethlehem mill (and a car source for cash-poor CSS).
  by spatcher
CSX and the South Shore still interchange at East Chicago. The South Shore has trackage rights between Miller and the yard in East Chicago on the B&OCT. They interchange at the yard at East Chicago 7 days a week with general freight cars, and unit steel trains. Miller siding is used to interchange coal trains for both Bailytown along with coal trains for Mittal's mill at Burns Harbor.