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South Shore headlines possible NIRPC 2040 projects

The $1.2 billion extension of the South Shore commuter rail line has been submitted for inclusion in the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission's long-range 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan.

The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District's plan for extending the South Shore to Lowell and Valparaiso is by far the largest of more than 50 projects submitted for inclusion in the 2040 plan.
"We want to maintain placeholders for both projects because 2040 is a long time away," NICTD planning and marketing director John Parsons said Tuesday. "It will keep both projects alive."
NIRPC's Transportation Policy Committee plans to vote on which projects to include in the 2040 plan at its next meeting in April, said Gary Evers, NIRPC transportation projects manager.

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It is good to see NICTD still keeping this project alive.
  by justalurker66
Study: South Shore Lowell expansion has more steam
NICTD trustees heard Friday the Monon/CSX corridor from Chicago to Lowell likely would capture the most ridership for any South Shore expansion.

Hanas said the Monon/CSX corridor could be developed in two phases from Hammond to Lowell. Phase 1 would take the South Shore from Chicago to Munster/Dyer. This phase would involve seven trains a day with a weekly inbound ridership to Chicago of 4,510 passengers.

The estimated operating cost would be $14 million annually. Of that, 30 percent, or $4.2 million, would be recovered in fares. Hanas said the estimated capital cost of this phase would be $464 million. The total of annual debt service and the $9.8 million deficit not covered by fares would be nearly $26.1 million.

To qualify for federal funds for this project, the cost effectiveness per hour of user benefit must be between $16 and $24.99. The study shows the Phase 1 cost effectiveness would successfully fall within those boundaries at between $20.50 and $21.50.
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  by dinwitty
yea, that says something about the general economic effectiveness of the riders hence it doesnt pay for itself directly (IE like the old private owned lines) giving the benefit purpose of the riders going somewhere and spending money or working the reverse effect of taxes working for you. Otherwise its like the North Shore, abandonement. Woops you dont want that happening! Now in many ways you wish the NS was back like the CA&E too.
  by JLJ061
The biggest disadvantage both the North Shore and CA&E had was both lines virtually paralleled the C&NW North and West commuter lines most of their length, while the South Shore had pretty much its own market and real estate.
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Your chance to comment ...
The Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission on Friday announced a host of open houses to coincide with a 30-day public comment period on its 2040 comprehensive regional plan, transportation improvement program and air quality conformity determination.

The public comment period is set to begin April 28 and end June 3.
Contact information and list of public meetings available at ...
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