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  by Tadman
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CSS freight shoved an empty coal train onto CSX at Miller. Somehow (derailment or open switch or other) a hopper fouled the main, when a fast-moving eastbound TOFC rounded the bend, nailed the hopper, and made a GIANT mess. No effect on NICTD trains that I'm aware of as this happened on CSX rails, but it appears the CSS freight was the culprit at this time. Probably best to make any comments in the CSX forum.
  by justalurker66
JLJ061 wrote:I heard a train crew was injured; Any idea if it was CSS or CSX?
Two CSX employees treated and released (see other thread for my post).

When I've seen CSS pushing empties on this segment there is usually a conductor riding the lead car. I've also seen an employee in a pickup truck help with the move but I have not seen the pickup every time.