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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by chuchubob
Two more CP AC44CW's came in overnight on CSX Q417; seen at 30th Street.
  by 161pw165
They were EB through Buffalo Saturday at 1:00PM. The burn marks on 9624's long hood were unmistakable.
  by chuchubob
du Pont Chambers Works SW1000 107
  by chuchubob
SD40-2 HLCX 8180 leading CSAO WPCA11 in Paulsboro, next to a yard job. The yard job pulled a long cut of tanks north to shove them into the yard for SMS pickup, allowing photos of the north side of CA11.
SMS Baldwin S12 308 coupled to the tanks in Paulsboro Yard.
SMS SW9 438 was hidden behind the fence.
  by chuchubob
WPCA20 had the usual power: NS GP38-2 5286 in OLS livery with consecutively numbered 5287, in pull-pull configuration with ten cars between.
  by chuchubob
northbound River LINE passing Q418 and 39G
  by chuchubob
Bakken crude oil train NS 64D arrived at 36th Street Pennsayken at 10:15 AM, a pleasant departure from the usual overnight movements; photographed through 39G with OLS C40-9W 9252 leading. A less-blocked view was had from the 27th Street bridge.
two OLS and an open view of 64D's power
39G had a gondola still in Conrail livery.
  by chuchubob
WPCA20 moved up to Cove Road two hours earlier than usual, arriving at 11:39 with OLS GP38-2 NS 5286 pulling. After River LINE trains passed northbound and southbound, CA20 moved out at 11:52 with fifteen cars and NS 5287 trailing in pull-pull configuration.
  by chuchubob
Coal train NS 506 came in overnight with NS 8099, the Southern Railway Heritage unit, trailing. If the power doesn't get shuffled, it should lead NS 507, probably overnight Thursday night.
Also overnight, empty crude oil NS 65D went out and the next 64D came in. Its power, including AC44CW UP 7232, was parked at 30th Street, Camden.
  by David
Bob--When is the Transfer in Delair to be completed?--Thanks
  by chuchubob
David wrote:Bob--When is the Transfer in Delair to be completed?--Thanks
Next year.
  by south jersey trains
Progressive railroad news said NJ is giving 1.35 million dollars to upgrade 1.9 miles of track on the Salem branch for heavier rail,new ties and road bed.
  by chuchubob
NS 8099, Southern Heritage engine, was still in Carneys Point Thursday morning. Empty coal train NS 507 is expected to go out overnight Thursday night.
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