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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by Railcar1
CR7876 wrote: Mon Mar 20, 2023 2:37 pm CA51 has LTEX GP15-1 #1449 bound for CMSL.
Car storage picking up or will it be used on the passenger trains?
  by Bracdude181
It’s possible. During 2020 the amount of cars being stored there skyrocketed, and they had to lease GMTX 2614 for several months to keep up with demand.

But it’s going to start warming up soon. When the warmer months come around, a lot of tankers come out of storage due to increased demand for gasoline/diesel etc. Wonder if that’s what this engine is for…

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  by AceMacSD
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  by Bracdude181
You mean seashore Lines?
  by Railcar1
So that’s why the 2614 left. I was also wondering what’s up with the 2014 as I’ve not seen reports or pics of it in service since they got it. I’m guessing the 2661 was their good engine? Got to get down there one day to ride the seasonal trains when they do run them.
  by Railcar1
I did see the CA51 train going back to Camden around 7 last evening with the NS 5307 and 5279 with only 4 boxcars. That’s a lot later than I usually see or hear them go back on occasion. I guess they were supposed to pick up those now stranded cars?
  by Bracdude181
The 2014 runs but they hardly ever use it. Was used for a Halloween train in 2021 and seems to be used on larger trains.

For both the 2015 and 2661 to break down? Something doesn’t sound right about that. Those engines aren’t perfect, but they are reasonably maintained. For both to break down at once? I wonder…

As to the 1449, I did some digging. Used to be leased to a shortline in Alabama. Was spotted on CSX M422 going north on Feb 11, only to be seen again on March 13th on M403. Did it go to Selkirk for repairs?

Additionally 1449 was dropped on the siding in Winslow that they usually leave SRNJs train on. Was there with a few lumber cars.

CMSL appears to have run this morning. 2661 was sitting in Tuckahoe with 7 tanks. Didn’t go past the yard.
  by David
AceMacSD wrote: Tue Mar 21, 2023 11:30 am I heard from one of the guys who spoke with the owner. They bought the engine from LTEX due to the fact they have no working engines. In fact, their only good engine was destroyed last night trying to go up to get the engine. My contact tells me the train last night broke down in the middle of nowhere with 30-something cars.
The crew had to walk a few miles all the way back to their yard. Bad engines, bad crews, nothing but the best.
This report is totally bogus!!The CMSL has many ACTIVE engines. The engine in question only developed a small water leak! No long trek to the yard took place. The owner spoke to NO ONE! No engines have been DESTROYED! ACEMACSD get your information verified before you report any further comments on this forum! Thank you.
  by AceMacSD
David, my conversation, which was fourth party had provided me with that information. Several of my fellow railroaders reached out last night and this morning to extend a message from one of their people. No details about what actually happened since they weren't the party that had any involvement in the information that I was given initially.

PC the message was received and understood. There will be no further comments regarding the Cape May line from me. Unlike most on these forums that do habitually post inaccurate information with no recourse, I'm a man who can admit that I'd made a mistake and I do apologize.
  by Railcar1
Speaking of the car storage operation, I saw the Conrail local coming back up from Winslow last night after 9 with a very big train. It had to be about 60-70 cars with a lot of tank cars. They also had 3 units , 2 NS with a CSX in the middle. Being a few vehicles from the crossing, I could only make out 5640 being the lead unit.
  by Bracdude181
Bigger train than usual. The tanks are from CMSL.
  by Railcar1
It sure seems it. And that is a lot of tanks! The 5640 also had one of the nicest (and loudest) sounding horns I’ve heard in a while too. Especially on a GP unit.
  by Bracdude181
That engine always had a nice horn despite being a POS. Sometimes the nasty engines had good horns lol.
  by AceMacSD
And why is the 5640 a POS? It runs just fine when we used it.
  by planespotting
Some of the cleanest rolling stock I've ever seen roll through NJ. Looks like they came right out of the paint shop. This is how rolling stock should look.

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