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  by Tadman
I just realized something interesting. The Bendix station was the endpoint from 1971 to 1992, or 21 years. The airport has been the endpoint 1992-2012, or 20 years. We're quite close to the point the "new" station is now in service longer than the "old" station.

For those keeping score at home, the palace that is the Bendix station is still in use by Amtrak but has a new blue paint with white stripe. The blue is roughly the color of GN big sky blue.
  by justalurker66
The airport is working on moving the "new" station (opened November 1992) to the other end of the terminal building. So while the 21 years may be up a year from November, it is possible that a newer airport station will be in place. It is a project to keep an eye on (and as the Airport owns most of the land needed it should not be as difficult as getting permission in Michigan City).

If I recall correctly, the station was still owned by CSS until recently when Amtrak took over. Amtrak wanted to remodel. I have not seen any major improvements.
  by Tadman
Was it used first by PC or CSS?
  by CHTT1
I don't think it was ever used by PC.
  by Tadman
Given that PC passenger service lasted from NYC/PRR merger in 1968 to A-day in April 1971, and Bendix station opened July 1970, wouldn't there be about three years of PC "great steel fleet" remnants using Bendix?
  by dinwitty
bendix was a shack stop on the CSS forever, but the downtown exit created this stop as the terminal end for the CSS. Then downtown union station ended, so Bendix became also Amtrak.