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  by Pensyfan19
I noticed that the Highliner being donated is in a maroon South Shore Line livery. How many Highliners were in this livery and when were they in service? I can't seem to find any images of these Highliners in service with this livery.
  by eolesen
None. The cars had standard Metra livery on retirement. Painting over the markings may have been part of the requirement for donation. If someone takes photos of the training, Metra wouldn't want any possible confusion with their brand. Perhaps the maroon has significance beyond the CSSSB?

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  by justalurker66
The single level NICTD cars feature a maroon stripe (a nod to their "South Shore" heritage). The NICTD bi-levels do not have a side stripe but do have maroon letters and accents.

NICTD did a nice job on the design of their two diesel engines, 1000 and 1001. 1000 was the grey ghost for many years ... now both engines are decked out in a mostly maroon color scheme.
  by Martin Baumann
Thanks, from the photo I am almost certain it is 1551 which was originally reported as one of 6 going to the Boone and Scenic Valley. It looks as if they got 1557 instead