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Everyone: Under Indiana Railfan I posted a topic-Can South Bend support a extension to downtown SB or perhaps even further to Mishawaka or Elkhart? When did service to DT SB end? Is the old NYC station intact and if so can it be used as a DT terminal? On a related matter-can SB support Light Rail? The Airport can be a good western terminal and other potential traffic generators such as Notre Dame be served? I recall there was bus service downtown from the airport-by which local company and how often? I seem to think that the SB area can be an even bigger market for passenger service if more of the SB area could be served. Anyone have any ideas? MACTRAXX

  by JamesT4
Service to downtown SB ended in 1970, and ended at the amtrak station in 1992 to the Airport.

The bus that goes from downtown South Bend to the Airport is operated by South Bend Transpo Route 4 ,and's operate from 5:10 am-9:50 pm Monday - Fridays, every 30 min. hour after 7:10pm, and from 6:10am-5:40 pm on Saturdays, and operate every hour, and does not operate on Sunday, or Holidays. www.sbtranspo.com

If SB was suggested for a light rail system it will by usefull from the Airport to Dtwn SB, and the SB transit center, serve Mishawaka, and the transpo's Mishawaka transit center, and out to Elkhart., and it will connect with the bus system in the Elkhart, Goshen area, and possibally a further extension to Goshen.

The last time I went to south bend was about 2 to 4 years ago, and the last I went there the station was intact to me, but I may be wrong.

  by Tadman
The station is there and in good shape. At one time it was in use as a banquet facility, not sure what goes on there now. The stairs to tracks are blocked off, but otherwise its in quite nice shape.

  by dinwitty
The club I was in had done train shows in the SB Union Station, we quit when they wanted to raise the rent costs.

The station is all there.

My question is about security, which maybe why the move to the airport.

I believe many SS users are going to drive to the line and get on, SB residents I don't have a clue how many regularly use it.
I am in a spot where I could drive to SB or michigan city for chicago and MC would be a shorter time.

SB will have to prove itself needing an LRV, a return to streetcar lines would be welcome, but well, they just tore down a major
mall there. It would be nice to board a streetcar and get around everywhere, but SB and Mishawaka are rather different.
Mishawaka if you know has the "Magic Mile" full of retail businesses and is very successful.
Getting a better transportation for it may be cool, it might be wiser if the SS expands this direction.
The Magic Mile would need a stronger public transportation system design as its too very car friendly.
It would be very cool if I were able to board some kind of rapid transit deal and be able to just ride around to all the various stops on the magic mile than drive it.
might ease up on some traffic.
but well, dreams.