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  by reinhardtjh
Does anyone have, or know where might be found, recordings of the A&A's 112, 111, or 110 44-tonners? I'm looking for something suitable for programming a sound decoder so it would need stretches of engine sounds without people's voices or other sounds obscuring the engines. Also recordings of the horn and bell would be nice. I don't know what kind of horn was standard, or came on the A&A's engines. If I did I might be able to find them on the web someplace.

Any pointers would be welcome. I live near Cincinnati and it looks like a road trip to Arcade isn't feasible this year.

John H. Reinhardt
  by Benjamin Maggi
If I recall correctly, both engines have been "remotored" with Caterpillar engines. I think I am using the right terms. Thus, they may or may not sound like "pure" GE engines. I am not a mechanic so I am not sure. I do know that the A&A released a record album featuring the sounds of their steam locomotive and it might be on there but I don't think so.

The horns they use are Nathan 5-chime I think. The actual tuning escapes me. (For an interesting discussion on their steam whistles, of which there are at least 3, search the A&A threads).

Good luck! I bet if you talked to the railroad ahead of time I bet they would let you tape a recorder or something to #112 for a bit to record the sounds of the engine.
  by tjflynn
The last I checked, 111 still had its original Cat D17000s, while 112 has been rebuilt with turbocharged Cummins 350 (?) units. As mentioned in an earlier thread, parts for the old Cats are becoming more scarce, and the D17000s are notoriously thirsty. On PSTR, we still have them in our 44 ton L3 (ex CNR #1), which is main reason why our Cummins turbo 290 powered 25-tonner pulls most trains. That said, there are still enough of the originals out there that recording one shouldn't be a problem for the near future.