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  by downbeat
I can't believe that with less than a month away from the Ocean's centenary, I haven't heard a peep about any celebrations. (A Via spokesperson had told men earlier this year that there would be some sort of celebration.) Has anyone else heard or seen anything?

  by downbeat
To answer my own question... Via has announced deep discounts to celebrate the Ocean's 100th anniversary.

Original sources for the information:
http://www.viarail.ca/planner/en_plan_t ... html#ocean

Essentially, adult fares in Comfort Class will be no more than $100 each way between any point in the Corridor and any point east of La Pocatière, Que. In Easterly Class, maximum fares for upper or lower berths will be $149; they will be $189 for each occupant of a single, double and triple bedroom and $209 for each occupant of a deluxe double bedroom (Renaissance).

The special is also being offered on the Chaleur (Montreal-Gaspé).

  by nickison99
When is the exact anniversary? Did the first train leave Montreal or Halifax on that date? I am travelling on June 3rd from Mtl. to Halifax. Any word on celebrations other than the sale?

  by viafan
The first Ocean, I believe, ran the distance between Halifax and Montreal on 03-04 July, 1904.
Other than the discounts I have not heard of any other celebration plans to date.
coming out of Montreal on July 03 you will be aboard the new renaissance equipment.