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  by PRRGuy
I checked the extra board list last night and there was a snowplow run lined up for 130am on duty. Looks like they may be running one before rush hour tonight with the way its snowing. This is the first snowplow run I've seen since I've worked here.

  by pennsy

Looks like they are going to keep that large pot of coffee hot all night. Welcome to winter time and snow and ice. Hopefully you all won't need the Rotary.

Please keep us informed how things progress and if all runs well. I would hate to hear that the snowplow run got caught in heavy drifts and stalled and needed to be rescued to clear the line.

By the way, after reading that posting I smiled and immediately ran outside to my Royal Palm Tree, and kissed it.

  by MikeF
What kind of equipment is used on such a run? Surely you guys don't have the Jordan spreader anymore. A pair of Geeps?

  by PRRGuy
Yes, standard power for a plow run is 2 or 3 light geeps. As for a rotary...I don't think the wire could stand up to the snow being launched out of it..

  by byte
Speaking of which, have you guys had any catenary failures due to ice yet?

  by dinwitty
Theres been icing issues before, watch them wires!!

  by PRRGuy
So far only one or two accidents have happened in bringing wire down. The last one was last friday, I was working #117 which is supposed to get into shops at 7:38 pm....We marked off at...10:55pm.
The carmen made a joint over a mislined switch then pulled back east..a trailor split the switch and knocked a couple poles down. So, since the power was off in the yard we had to wait for 115 and 420's equipment at Tamarack, pick those crews up..took about an hour. Then we moved up to Sheridan, passed Tr #22 then headed to the 10th st interlocker..which was also on the fritz..again. Seems that the signal lights were pulsing with the crossing lights then it would drop red when you got right up to it. After dealing with all that we made it to shops, unloaded, then headed back to Tamarack, meeting Tr #19 there. At Tamarack a freight crew, which followed us from shops, tied all of our cars together and our crew jumped on #119 back to Michigan City. By that time Cranemasters was on the scene working on the cars, also one of those poles was laying on the roof of the trailor. I didn't get any photos of this... I was just too tired and wanted to go home.

Just another day on the South shore!