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  by jb9152
kaiserworks wrote:
jb9152 wrote:
kaiserworks wrote:Fresno and Bakersfield are areas where you aren't going to find airfare deals but will they in turn generate commuter rail traffic of note?
It's not commuter rail traffic. It's business travel to the state capital, or either of the keystone cities - San Fran in the north, and LA in the south. And how about to Silicon Valley? How about a connection to an international flight out of SFO from Bakersfield?

I get your cautionary point about the market, but I don't think you're doing your argument many favors by using the term "commuter rail" when applied to HSR.
I understand that there will be riders that need to go to SAC from Fresno for the day or LA to Bakfersfield BUT if HSR cannot rely on commuters; ie- folks that ride that line to and from work 52 weeks a year, it will never be break-even let alone viable.
"Commuter rail" is a misnomer, although I understand how you're using it now, a bit better. There are many people who ride the Acela Express for work trips 3 to 5 days a week, but no one would mistakenly call the Acela "commuter rail". I get what you're saying, though.