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  • Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.
Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.

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perfbill wrote: Sat Mar 26, 2022 10:30 pm https://wtop.com/tracking-metro-24-7/20 ... e-delayed/
Surprise (ish)?
Say it with me, folks. Leee-mahns.
  by Sand Box John
Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Pictures 04 03 2022

All of the construction has been completed. The MWAA announced substantial completion of the mainline and stations of Phase II of the Silver line on 11 04 2021. On 12 01 2021 they announced substantial completion of Dulles Yard.

WMATA has taken possession of the project after those dates and is continuing the startup process of the testing and certification of all of the systems that support the operation of the line.

The issues with the warped turnout ties, station and shop precast wall panels, improperly located signal head in Dulles Yard and selected pieces of equipment in the shop have been dealt with or corrected.

There are a small number of punch list items that are still being taken care of. Some of the third rail heaters were found to be not working this past winter and are being corrected. Some of the connectors (boots) that connect the third rail cables from the conduits to the cables that connect to the third rail were improperly installed and is being corrected.

The last of the concrete flat work was completed in late March at the Herndon north entrance. Everywhere else it is done. There have been some cracks in some of the concrete flat work that has been patched a various location. I was quite surprised at the quality of concrete flat work, there was virtually no locations where access panels, manhole cover, drain line clean out plugs and valve covers were not on the same plane as the finished concrete.

All of the way finding signage in the stations presently served by the Silver line have been updated to show the six new station on phase II of the line, (most of these signs have been in place for more then a year). The signage and around the station entrances has been installed including the signs on area roads that direct passengers to the stations. The only signs that have not been installed are the bus stop signs at the bus bays that identify what bus line(s) are served by those bus bays. I think this is because some of the bus routes that will serve the stations has not been totally finalized.

As to the opening date, as I write this no set date has been announced but it has been reported that the opening will likely happen in July at the earliest. Opening delays are no longer related to the construction activities but are now related to the reduced revenue from low ridership as the result of the "pandemic" requiring a higher subsidy to operate and the lack of rolling as the result of the removal of the 7k cars from service because of the bad wheel set.

I hope to make another trip before the extension opens to take some pictures I did not take because of the lack of time I had during this trip.

On an unrelated note. I was stunned at how many new data centers are now up and running or under construction sense I last visited the area in August of 2018.

Pictures at my Flicker Photo Stream DCMP 04 03 2022 album.

John in the sand box of Maryland's eastern shore.
  by perfbill
"On an unrelated note. I was stunned at how many new data centers are now up and running or under construction sense I last visited the area in August of 2018."

I work in IT and live in Ashburn, so keep up with such stuff. As many have heard, over 70% of the planet's internet traffic runs through Northern Virginia, and an estimated 65+% through the data warehouses and routers in Ashburn. The data centers are actually quite nice in many cases, some with cafeterias, and most with office suites. Clients from around the world come to stay in Ashburn or Herndon for a week at a time so they can do maintenance and upgrades on their server banks, thus the level of accommodations. Also, gotta keep 'em cool, which is why they have giant banks of AC around the outside. And many don't know this, but in order to prevent sabotage (that should get your attention) they have fortified perimeter fences some distance from the walls, and also electronic shielding to prevent penetration from outside devices. And, yes, they have been growing even over the past four years, which the county loves because of the great tax revenue base they offer.

Therefore, one can see how Metro access might be paramount for those who fly in to either Reagan National or Dulles. A lot of tech people also live in Ashburn, so not having to drive to a bus stop to commute to Reston to commute to downtown (for me, near Judiciary Square) will be of both financial and time benefit. Yeah, we have to go through the Dulles space, but I still think it will be quicker than the bus wait and transfer hassle, and only a little slower than driving under most circumstances.

July? We were told that about July 2018, but I'll take it at this point. I don't care if it's just a 6k car. It's still just two miles from my home, and therefore 14 miles less driving one way to the Reston station.

Thanks for the update.
  by perfbill
Not news to many by now, but a part of the progress. With so many expired certifications with Metro and other safety issues, hopefully the new blood will get things moving again. Wiedefeld was effective for many years, and obviously improved (at great cost and some inconvenience) many facets of the rail line and condition since he stepped in. Maybe he got tired or complacent, or just had trouble creating new energy and enforcing compliance. Let's hope the new guy mentioned in this clip can finally nudge this project over the finish line, albeit four years later than originally promised.

We'll see. Right?
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  by west point
House cleaning is going to take time. If I was high management would terminate very few until I got a replacement already working. That is after an evaluation.
  by schmod
For those of you just joining us, phase 2 of the Silver Line is being built by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, and their contractors.

Metro isn't involved all that closely, and if anything, have been one of the least-problematic components of the project.
  by Sand Box John
Silver Line Extension transferred to Metro's control
Press Release
06 23 2022

Metro took control of the Silver Line Extension today at 6:00 a.m. This milestone, known as the "Operational Readiness Date" (ORD), marks the point where provisional care and control of the Extension – including six new Silver Line stations, 11.4 miles of new track, and a new rail yard – is formally transferred from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) to Metro.

The opening date for passenger service will follow an action by Metro’s Board of Directors on the final acceptance of the line from MWAA.

“This milestone enables our team to test the tracks and systems, train and familiarize our workforce on yard operations, mainline and stations and ensure that we provide safe and reliable service for customers on the extension,” said Interim General Manager and CEO Andy Off. “We look forward to opening the new stations soon and delivering high quality rail connections to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County.”

“We are one step closer to extending our service offerings to customers that have long awaited access to Metro,” said Board Chairman Paul C. Smedberg. “While there is still more work to do, achieving this milestone towards opening the Silver Line Extension will create jobs, improve economic vitality and increase ridership for the region. We appreciate the support and understanding of our jurisdictional partners and customers as we work towards project completion.”

The Silver Line Extension will connect the Metrorail system with Herndon, Washington Dulles International Airport and points in Loudoun County, Va. The six new rail stations are: Reston Town Center, Herndon, Innovation Center, Washington Dulles International Airport, Loudoun Gateway, and Ashburn. The Extension also includes a new, 90-acre rail yard with storage capacity for 168 railcars and new maintenance facilities to service, inspect and clean the trains.

Click here for an animated overview of the Silver Line Extension.

The first phase of the Silver Line opened in July 2014, adding five new Metrorail stations, and introducing Silver Line service to the Metrorail system. Silver Line service currently operates from Largo Town Center Station, through Washington, DC, and terminates at Wiehle-Reston East Station. The second phase, referred to as the Silver Line Extension, will add six stations beyond Wiehle-Reston East, as well as a new, modern rail yard. Both phases of the project were constructed by MWAA and turned over to Metro for operation.

Find additional information about the Silver Line Extension and sign up to receive regular updates on progress toward opening at wmata.com/silverlinewmata.com/silverline.

  by JDC
Did I miss something where "Monroe" was dropped from the Herndon station's name?
  by RandallW
I don't think so. The station is "Herndon" and is beside the "Herndon Monroe" park and ride. I have no idea why "Monroe" was ever part of the name, since it is separated from Monroe st by a couple of suburban office properties.
  by Sand Box John

Did I miss something where "Monroe" was dropped from the Herndon station's name?

Prior to the planning of the Silver line the Park and Ride was named Herndon Monroe. Herndon Monroe was the name of the station in the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project environmental impact statement and other planning document. When Fairfax and Loudon Counties submitted the names they wanted for each of the stations to WMATA Monroe was dropped. Monroe was dropped because the Silver line station has entrances on both sides of the Access / Toll Road whereas the Herndon Monroe Park and Ride was only accessible from the Toll Road and Sunrise Valley Drive east of Monroe Street.

All of the station on the Silver line branch had their planning name changed.
  • McLean was Tysons East
  • Tysons Corner and later just Tysons was Tysons Central 123
  • Greensboro was Tysons Central 7
  • Spring Hill was Tysons West
  • Wiehle–Reston East was Wiehle Avenue
  • Reston Town Center was Reston Parkway
  • Herndon was Herndon–Monroe
  • Innovation Center was Route 28
  • Washinton Dulles International Airport was Dulles Airport
  • Loudoun Gateway was Route 606
  • Ashburn was Route 772
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