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  by tommyboy6181
It's official. On 1/13/17, SMFTA will take delivery of the first Siemens LRV that is being built for their system.
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  by tommyboy6181
lensovet wrote:all high floors? how is that going to work on street stops?
Like the current Breda LRV's, they have steps that can be adjusted. Also, most if not all of the street level stops have a high level section for accessibility.
  by The EGE
It appears that the new LRV will debut on the Hillway Shuttle (an N Judah short turn that only runs as far as Carl & Hillway, in order to mop up passengers in Cole Valley and on Duboce during long headways). The N Judah was promised the first new train (originally supposed to be a three-car set), and the Hillway Shuttle is the only N service that runs with single cars.