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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by Bracdude181
Conrail MA-1 working South Plainfield Yard 4:44 PM
  by Bracdude181
CSX M405 Westbound through South Plainfield 4:55 PM

CSX 3085 leading
CSX 3001 trailing
  by Bracdude181
NS 23G Westbound at South Plainfield
5:08 PM

NS 8084 leading
NS 4048 trailing
  by Bracdude181
CSX Q158 Westbound through Piscataway 5:23 PM

CSX 3455 leading
CSX 889 rear DPU
  by Bracdude181
Looks like two NS intermodal trains will be detouring along the NYS&W due to the East Palestine derailment.

Does anyone have any additional details or know of other detours?

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  by Bracdude181
Check out South Plainfield yard. Unusual activity in here…Image
  by Bracdude181
CSX I158 westbound at South Plainfield 1:39 PM

CSX 935 leading
CSX 3355 trailing
9 cars…
  by Bracdude181
CSX IO32 Eastbound at South Plainfield 2:17 PM

CSX 3352 leading
16 cars
CSX 3432 rear DPU
  by Bracdude181
MA-1 in the clear, lined and locked normal at South Plainfield yard 3:48 PM

NS 5667 and about 15 ish cars
  by Bracdude181
CSX M409 Westbound at South Plainfield

CSX 5113 leading
CSX 304 trailing
CSX 4565 mid DPU
  by Bracdude181
NS 18G eastbound at South Plainfield 5:10 PM

NS 7659 leading
UP 8686 trailing
  by Bracdude181
MA-1 leaving South Plainfield yard with 8 for Manville
  by Bracdude181
CSX M406 went into emergency at TOWNLEY. Everything looks alright. Conductor is walking the train.
  by Bracdude181
Update: A gladhand cracked open about 20-30 cars back from the engine. It will need to be repaired before they can set off again.
  by Bracdude181
33rd car from the back.

I158 is gonna give 406s conductor a ride to the broken car.
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