• Shanghai Maglev track is sinking

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General discussion of passenger rail systems not otherwise covered in the specific forums in this category, including high speed rail.

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  by DutchRailnut
Maglev track is sinking


Shanghai Daily news

The track of the Shanghai Maglev Line is sinking, according to Shanghai Maglev Transport Development Company.

"We have been aware of the sinking of our maglev track, though very slightly," Xia Guozhong, an official in charge of the company's media section, told Shanghai Daily yesterday.

He declined to comment on what had caused the sinking or whether it would affect the operation of the city's maglev line - the world's first maglev in commercial use.

Some rail transport experts contacted by Shanghai Daily yesterday believe the sinking could be caused by either overpumping of underground water or faulty track foundations.

But they stressed that a slight sinking or "sinking within safe range" is normal and had occurred in the city's existing Rail Transport No.1 and No.2. It would not have severe consequences for the line's normal operation, they said.

Yu Jiakang, a senior engineer of Shanghai Tunnel Engineering and Rail Transit Design and Research Institute, said: "If the track sinks beyond its safety level, managers will have to stop the line's operation.

"Constructors can also halt the sinking of a rail track by re-consolidating its foundation," Yu said.

With a total investment of 8.9 billion yuan (US$1.07 billion), the 30-kilometer Shanghai Maglev Line, which uses German technology, links the bustling Pudong New Airport to Longyang Road Metro Station in about eight minutes.

But in the first week of daily all-day operation late last month, only about one-sixth of available tickets were sold, operators said.

On average, about 73 passengers travel on each trip of the train which has 440 seats. A normal ticket for each one-way trip costs 75 yuan.

Critics say the line's low traffic flow is caused by its expensive admission, poor market promotion and the line's limited distance.

  by ACLfan
Hmmm, sounds like the Chinese maglev line is sinking in more ways than one. I guess that pricing and promotion are very important issues, no matter where!

Public reaction to new or radical technologies is an important issue that requires significant and effective attention. Maybe the owners/promoters need to "lift" the public confidence in the maglev line (in addition to the physical problems)!

Sorry for the puns. I'm in one of my giddy moods! I read this post ,and couldn't resist the urge!

The best to all!


  by David Benton
I think any transport operation in China , that is not running near capacity , must be regarded as a failure . Such is the pressure of population there .