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  • Discussion relating to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (Philadelphia Metro Area). Official web site can be found here: www.septa.com. Also including discussion related to the PATCO Speedline rapid transit operated by Delaware River Port Authority. Official web site can be found here: http://www.ridepatco.org/.
Discussion relating to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (Philadelphia Metro Area). Official web site can be found here: www.septa.com. Also including discussion related to the PATCO Speedline rapid transit operated by Delaware River Port Authority. Official web site can be found here: http://www.ridepatco.org/.

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I decided to create a topic to find and report which stations continue to offer Legacy Passes of all
types after finding that there are agents and clerks that do have these passes in stock.

I will start with Jenkintown - in which the Agent weekdays (5:30 AM until about 1:00 PM) has Zone 3
December Monthly Legacy Passes along with a limited supply (10 now 9-I purchased one) of Zone 1
Monthlies. For some reason the afternoon/Saturday clerk at Jenkintown was NOT supplied with any
December Zone 3 or 1 passes. I learned that there has been somewhat of a "run" this past week of
sales of these Zone 3 Legacy Passes by riders from other stations to the north that no longer offer
monthly legacy passes.

Cross County December Monthly and Weekly Legacy Passes remain readily available. In some cases
these two types are the only ones being offered by some Agents/Clerks.

On a related matter Independence one-day Legacy Passes are in stock and available for sale.
With the busy Thanksgiving weekend this makes it easy for many discretionary riders.

I learned that the first working day of the month (Monday 12/2) may be quite interesting being that
this is going to be the first new month that some RRD stations will no longer offer zone number or
Anywhere Legacy Passes for sale. Many riders that actually wanted to continue to purchase Legacy
Passes are going to be forced to purchase the Key because of availability.

In closing if anyone knows which stations, agents or clerks continue to offer Legacy Passes post
it here for those who wish to continue to purchase them. I thank all in advance...MACTRAXX

I spoke to the Agent at Jenkintown today (12/20) to find out what quantities of January 2020 Legacy Passes
that SEPTA has for sale at Jenkintown Station:

The amount of Zone 3 Monthly passes was cut from - 300 - to *30* - with 9 sold as of 11:45 AM.
The amount of Zone 1 Monthly passes remains at 10. Cross County Monthly and Weekly Legacy Passes
remain available - Cross County Weekly Passes are the last remaining legacy weekly pass type.

There were around 250 Zone 3 Monthly Legacy Passes sold at Jenkintown for December. With the drastic
reduction down to just 30 these will probably be sold out after Monday and Tuesday (December 23-24)
depending on the demand and taking note to the awkward calendar for the upcoming holiday weeks ahead.

January traditionally has been a month in which pass sales have been divided somewhat depending on how
the calendar sets up - with two possible busy sales days (Thursday January 2 and Monday January 6) to
begin the new month.

The first significant tests of the Key sales system in 2020 will be on Monday February 3 and March 2.
These will be the next months in which the first working day will be on Mondays.


This is Jenkintown's Legacy Pass allotment for February 2020:
*20* Zone 3 Monthly Passes
10 Zone 1 Passes
50 Cross County Passes

Jenkintown gets 20 Cross County Weekly Passes to sell each week.
This is the last remaining weekly legacy pass type sold at Jenkintown.

Cross County Pass Fares: $115 Monthly; $30.75 Weekly.

The only restriction on the use of Cross County Weekly and Monthly Passes
is that they are not valid and require additional fare to the five Center City
Philadelphia stations on Regional Rail (in order: Temple University, Jefferson,
Suburban, 30th Street and University City Stations) to, from or through on
weekdays. A Zone 1 fare is charged to extend a CC Pass to the CCP Zone.
CC Passes are valid on all other SEPTA regular services.

February Monthly passes begin sale on the morning of the 20th - this month on
MLK Day. The drawdown of SEPTA legacy passes continues.

If anyone again has any idea or know which stations continue to sell legacy passes
please post that information here in this topic...MACTRAXX

The only remaining Legacy Pass being sold for March 2020 are Cross County Passes.
There may be exceptions - such as Delaware stations on the Wilmington/Newark Line.

Jenkintown as example now no longer sells Zone 3 or Zone 1 Legacy Monthly passes.
The AM agent received 25 and the afternoon/weekend clerk 30 Cross County passes
for sale. (A total of 55 CC Legacy Passes for March 2020)

I discovered that the wording on the back of Cross County legacy passes was changed
between June and July 2019 better describing what CC passes are valid for -

June 2019 and before:
Valid on any Regional Rail train not operating to/from/through CCP stations.
Valid on any transit route operating outside the City of Philadelphia.
Additional payment required for weekday travel in Philadelphia.

Another change implemented since the last fare increase was the mention of no more
additional fare being required on routes 123, 124, 125 and 150. Legacy Transpasses
also once mentioned that the NHSL required an additional charge.

Beginning in July 2019 to present:
Valid on any SEPTA vehicle with additional fare required on weekday Regional Rail
Trains traveling to/from/through stations identified as CCP stations.

From this revised wording Cross County passes are actually an Anywhere pass -
with the only exception that they are not valid to, from or through the five CCP
stations - which will require a Zone 1 fare additional as a step-up charge ($5.25
weekday fare or $4.25 after 7 PM; $6 or $5 on-board respectively) on weekdays.

It is easier to use a CC Pass without using any of the five CCP stations from the
Reading side than the Pennsy side - anything North Broad Street and North on
the RDG side. On the Pennsy Side each line is different where Zone 1/2 begins-
Airport Line: Eastwick
Wilmington/Newark Line: Darby
Media-Elwyn Line: 49th Street
Paoli-Thorndale Line: Overbrook
Cynwyd Line: Wynnefield Avenue
Chestnut Hill West -AND- Trenton Lines: North Philadelphia

With the Cross County Pass the only remaining readily available Legacy Pass
it now pays to consider its use - especially with known ways around having to
use the Center City stations (BSL at FRTC the best example) on weekdays.

Cross County (and all Legacy Passes) retain their Anywhere privileges on
weekends without cap restrictions.

With no readily available way to adequately collect intermediate fares the CC
Passes may remain available at least for present. The fact that they have no
cap on rides along with being valid to all outlying stations at all times makes
them useful - especially knowing their only current weekday CCP limitation.

  by ryan92084
Only exception to this I would add is that if you request a zone 2 Monthly Trailpass (para transit still requires them) you can get one delivered to the station. It will need to be requested in advance however as they are generally not on hand unless a station gets these customers on a regular basis.

For Delaware the February stock was cut pretty low but not as severely as the other stations. I'm unsure about March.
Everyone: With a limited number of ticket offices reopening outside of CCP on Regional Rail
(the list is posted in the Restoration of Regional Rail topic) there are Cross County Monthly
and Weekly Legacy Passes still available for sale on a limited basis for July.

Additional Ticket Offices reopening Monday July 13:
http://www4.septa.org/service/rail/outl ... tions.html
(includes June 29 reopened ticket offices below on the page)

Cross County Monthly: $115; Weekly: $30.75

In the information posted about fare changes that went into effect on July 1, 2020
the August 2020 Cross County Monthly Legacy Passes are slated to be the last ones sold.
The August passes go on sale on July 20 and remain available for sale until August 10
provided that they do not completely sell out at any given location.

On that note if anyone still would like the flexibility of using SEPTA's last remaining
unlimited use Legacy Pass now is the time to get one before they are discontinued.
The July 2020 Cross County Monthly Pass has a picture of Levittown Station making
this at least somewhat collectible.

Thursday August 20 - when September monthly passes go on sale - will be the day
to determine if SEPTA follows through with the discontinuing of the Cross County
Legacy Monthly Pass. Nothing has been posted about when the last Cross County
Weekly Pass will be sold - Monday August 31 until September 6 could be that week.

Could this be "SEPTA magnetic stripe Legacy Passes 1988-2020"?
We will find out if the total conversion to the Key has finally come to pass
(pun intended) in the coming months...MACTRAXX
  by ryan92084
Cross Counties for August and Weeklies starting 8/20 have not been widely distributed to the outlying stations. If you are planning on purchasing one you may want to call ahead first to check availability or allow some extra time to obtain a key card if you don't already have one.