• SD40-2’s to GE Erie Plant for Rebuilding?

  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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  by XC Tower
I was told yesterday of a report that GE had purchased 15 SD40-2’s from LTEX for rebuilding with GE prime movers....Wondering if anyone had heard anything similar?....I know how rumors can gain steam.
As of today (Aug 27th), I was told that there were no SD40-2’s to be seen parked behind the plant.
Thank you for any help on this.

  by NorthWest
GE/Wabtec has an 'ET23' program going, with a confirmed order for Pacific Harbor Line.

These locomotives will be older, repowered locomotives with inline GEVO-6s certified for Tier IV.

https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/case-case-determ ... ocomotives

https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/sites/default/fi ... .23.20.pdf

There has been some speculation on additional rebuildings, but nothing concrete yet.
  by XC Tower
Thank you so much for the information!
I wasn’t aware that a Gevo in-line six cylinder existed which produced 2400 horsepower plus being Tier 4 compliant (if I read correctly)...Very Interesting.....It seems quite possible that a re-engined SD40-2 with one would work....Now, we’ll just watch the plant and test track to see if the report is true....I was told the first unit was sent in July by LTEX to GE Erie...
My thanks once more!

  by eolesen
Curious as to why they chose the EMD frame for this vs a Dash 8 or something else GE built and widely available in dead lines...

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  by MEC407
There are still lots and lots of SD40s available, and they're dirt cheap... especially the ones that need significant work in order to run again.
  by Engineer Spike
I guess their gen sets didn’t pan out that well.

In my opinion putting GE gear on an EMD is just ruining an excellent locomotive.
  by XC Tower
Any information on the ET23 program? Last I heard was that the ex-NS SD40-2 was shipped out to RELCO out in Iowa for all the work/modifications with a return as a finished product to the Erie plant for testing in June 2022...
Thank you.

  by XC Tower
At least two ET23’s are in the GE Plant In Erie, PA. The #1727 was dropped off by CSX local L354 on October 16th, 2022...The unit had CSX on its nose plus CSXT on a white background below 1727 in black numerals below the cab...
This past Thursday, Dec. 22nd, the CSX #7642 was parked behind Building 60...Beneath the 7642 in the CSX yellow/gold on the cab. Under it was GECX stenciled in white ....Checking the number, it was that of a CSX C40-8! Not wanting to speculate, I’m not sure if this unit will become part of CSX’s order or the GECX could mean being a planned demo unit by GE? ...
There may be a third ET23 at the plant for testing now, but that needs to be confirmed...
In question now also, is whether the conversion work is being done at GE’s Relco facility in Iowa or CSX’s Huntington, WV shops....
As with the previous question, time will tell, but in any event seeing EMD hood units being rebuilt into a GE/EMD hybrid is amazing...
Stand by for details!

  by MEC407
Erie is currently running final tests on CSXT 1726, which CSX is classifying as an SD23T4.

The sound of the GEVO-6 sort of reminds me of the ALCO locomotives that had turbocharged 6-cylinder 539s... similar burbling and whistling noises. :-D

Video here:

  by Allen Hazen
The GEVO 6 (and other GEVO models) have been marketed (as "250" (= cylinder bore in mm)) for stationary and marine applications. I have no idea how many have been sold, but assuming that some have, it's probably a "tried and true" engine by now. It's also a "medium speed" diesel, of a general type (GEVO) that Class 1 mechanical departments are familiar with.
It's also an in-line engine: something that simplifies maintenance, inspection, etc. (And maybe helps with vibration?). Railroad mechanical departments who have a choice seem to like in-line engines: the engine used in the British Rail Class 60 was chosen at least in part because it was a straight 8 and the other engines considered were V 12. EMD seems to make only V-type engines: in this power range they would, I guess, offer a V 6.
All told, this seems like a rational approach to making a medium-power switcher/roadswitcher for when the existing GP38/SD38 fleet has to be retired!
(Pity, though, that there aren't more U30C/C30-7 still around to make an all-GE version!)
  by GRSdave
It makes sense that Wabtec will redo/redesign and upgrade any EMD product. Thats the way the business is going and this is Wabtec's cue to say they will rebuild any manufacturers locomotive. Just like EMD did back in the day. Business is business.