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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by B&M 1227
Can you confirm which scenario you are implying?
A) that the transportation service is not profitable because only one interested party has purchased the product and shipped it.
B) that the product is not profitable because only one interested party has purchased and shipped it.

Allow me to float option C...
C) An interested party purchased the tailings and shipped them. Prior business opportunities revolved around CP cooperation which was not available, but with the imminent sale of the southern end of the D&H to NS, there will be an additional, amenable interchange partner. One of those prior opportunities is still on the horizon, that being La Guardia (or is it JFK) soon to be in need of a new runway, which will require

1) lots of runway material
2) a cheap way to get it to New York.

which in turn requires the state to give

1) Money


1) the railroad
2) the owner of the tailings pile.

which will likely result in

1) economically sustainable profits.
  by newpylong
Tony Goodwin wrote:This gravel is being shipped over a greater distance than a similar load of gravel would ever be economically be shipped. It is coming from one IPH railroad to provide material for maintenance/improvement of another stretch of publicly-owned (MassDOT) track that is operated by another IPH railroad.

I don't know what other "proof" is required to show that this is not a sustainable market for tailings from Tahawus.

If party B writes a check that results in party A being able to cover operational costs, the market is sustainable.
  by griffs20soccer
Tony has no proof for any of what he is saying. He wants the rails from North Creek to the mine ripped up for his little trail group, Like Matt and others have said the guy has no proof of any thing he says and just wants right of way for his little group, ARTA. I was willing to give him the benefit of doubt, but he is showing his true colors.

Tony no matter what you say the purchaser of the stone is MassDOT, the transaction is profitable for SNC. Who knows how much, may be a little, may be a lot. Tony keeps forgetting the stone was already mined, so the cost of removing it from the ground has already occurred, making the material itself cheap.

Let Tony in his little fantasy world keep believing it's going to fail. I'm finished trying to discuss issues with the man. He can't face the facts when they are presented to him because they contradict what he wants to see happen so he can get his little trail. He would rather have a trail than jobs for the North Country. Go figure.
  by newpylong
Yep, I just googled his name and ARTA. Annoyed I wasted the time to type a response.

Take it from someone who supports both open space recreation and the economic viability of railroads, you're barking up the wrong tree on this site Tony. Your agenda is not welcome.
  by traingeek8223
I was willing to give him the benefit of doubt, but he is showing his true colors.
Don't worry about it Don. Many of us have made that mistake. Simple fact is that he can't help it. He wants the tracks torn up to Lake Placid so badly that he is willing to attack the validity of other railroad operations to help make his point. When the facts don't play out to his favor, he simply rejects them and inserts his own. It's standard operating procedure for ARTA. Just like when they claim that they are a pro-trail group when in actuality they are an anti-rail group. I still maintain he is only here to try to get under our skin.
  by griffs20soccer
Otto, do you have a picture of the second BL2 being painted or a link to it? I would like to see it. I heard they are modifying both BL2s so they won't have to idle in cold weather.
  by griffs20soccer
Good news for all you SNC and Iowa Pacific Holding fans. Progressive Railroading is reporting that IPH railroads had record revenue and car loadings in 2014. Carloads climbed 20% and passenger counts were up 46%. Attached is the article.

http://www.progressiverailroading.com/s ... 014--43339" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by D.Carleton
Otto Vondrak wrote:Gentlemen, I kindly request that we move on to more productive aspects of this conversation.
Aww, come on. You're taking the fun out of my day.
  by Matt Langworthy
More good news, SNC apparently ran another revenue freight train yesterday. I've seen a couple pics of it on FB, with the B40-8 serving as power.
  by B&M 1227
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.p ... 09&nseq=10" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The caption for this photo suggests they were hauling 15 loads of coal northbound? If this is true and not tailings or empties being mistaken for coal loads, where is it going?
  by bwparker1
I think the caption was modified to remove any reference to coal.
  by MEC407
At the time of my typing this, the caption states:

"A cold day on the SNC southend as the day starts off with a alot of switching in Saratoga as the SNC 8524 gets permission from the CP dispatch to be lined to the Adirondack Branch seen here with GE ingestion moving northbound through mile 37 with 15 cars of coal"
  by bk77
So if these weren't coal loads as the caption says, has anyone found out what these loads were? And if it was coal, where's it heading to?? (the snow cover rising above the tops of the hoppers at least rules out these cars being empties)

---Bill K.
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